Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lifestyle | Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

My husband has to be the most difficult person to buy for at Christmas... ever! Unless you buy him socks he's really difficult to please because he buys most of the stuff he wants during the year, but this year he had his eye on one of these Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speakers.

We've had iPod docks in the past and I had actually planned to buy him a dock for Christmas but then realised that we'd be upgrading our iPhones in the New Year and chances are he will go for the iPhone 5, which is a different connect to the iPhone 4S, so I was worried that it'd just get left on the shelf if it didn't have an adapter. That's where the Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker comes in, because as the title suggests, you connect via bluetooth rather than having to dock it. 

I looked all over the place for one of these, but they were proving a very popular Christmas present because they were out of stock everywhere I went. I looked at other bluetooth speakers but they sounded a bit tinny and not anywhere as good quality as the Bose. 

The speaker itself is stylish and compact with the controls on the top and a charging dock which comes with it. Of course, once it's charged you can play it anywhere but I wouldn't say that it's something you'd want to carry in your bag all the time because it is heavy, but the weight is definitely justified when you hear the sound quality to come from such a little device. This Bose speaker is a bit of a pocket rocket as far as volume is concerned... I was amazed at how loud it was. Think of hi-fi kind of loudness to the point where at it's loudest you struggle to hear someone talk in the same room. It has to be heard to be fully appreciated so if you're ever near a Bose store, go and have a listen.

I think the girl did good this year with his presents, normally they're not very exciting but it's safe to say Jason absolutely loves this. I'd like to thank Halifax who gave me an Amazon voucher to go towards buying something for someone special this Christmas as part of their 'Giving Extra' to someone special campaign. 

What's your favourite gadget?

Monday, 23 December 2013

Bath and Body | Treacle Moon Christmas Bath Treats

I've posted about Treacle Moon products quite a few times now, I think they're amazing value for money and they smell gorgeous. So when my friend bought me some of their bath/shower gel I couldn't wait to have some festive baths.

I know cinnamon can be something you either love or you hate, I personally love the smell; it reminds me of Christmas and really helps me relax and feel cosy when I'm in a bath. Warm Cinnamon Nights is more of a sweet sort of smell, the cinnamon isn't overpowering it actually smells a little bit like sweet shop sweets. That Vanilla Moment is a really beautiful creamy ice cream kind of smell, more of a younger persons kind of vanilla rather than more mature; quite different to the vanilla you find in The Body Shop.

I could literally fill my bathroom with Treacle Moon products and I'm dying to try their candy jar limited edition products. Tesco often have some offers on like 2 for £5 but even at £2.99 each I think they're a bargain because they last for ages!

What are your favourite Christmas Bath products?

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Nails | Ted Baker Beauty 'Golden Girl' Christmas Nails

I've seen all sorts of fancy Christmas nail designs just recently, and although they look amazing I know not everyone can afford to have that done, and to be totally honest I prefer a simple nail look. I don't have long talons I have average length nails so doing intricate designs can prove a little bit difficult!

This nail duo by Ted Baker provides the perfect nail look for the festive season, you could use the high shimmer Golden Girl on every nail or you could use Totally Twinky for the accent nail like I did.

Both polishes are so easy to apply, if you're not the neatest at nail painting then not to worry because it wipes away easy and doesn't stain your fingers. I found that both polishes needed at least 3 coats for an opaque look but if you just wanted a bit of glitter on top of a normal nail polish then one coat of Totally Twinky would provide sufficient sparkle. £8.50 for 2 polishes is great value in my opinion, the attractive packaging would also make the set a great little gift.

Are you sorted for sparkly nails this Christmas?

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Jewellery | Happy Birthday to me - Tiffany & Co Necklace

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter you will know that I got back from London today after a night away with my husband, the trip was mainly to visit Warner Bros Studios where Harry Potter was filmed but on Monday night we took a train into central London and went to Selfridges. He'd actually given me some money for our anniversary back in October and I knew what I wanted to buy with it, I was just waiting for the opportune moment...

I'm not a big jewellery wearer on a day to day basis, I generally just wear my wedding and engagement ring and that's it but this will take pride of place around my neck. I've always wanted a necklace with the Tiffany writing on and I've finally got one. They're not cheap but I think they're a timeless piece of jewellery, Tiffany is a bit of an iconic brand I think and I feel so lucky to own a piece of jewellery by them.Obviously purchases like this aren't a regular occurrence for me, but it is my birthday on Friday and like I say it's partly an Anniversary present from Jason.

Do you own anything by Tiffany?

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