Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Preview of S/S 2014 Fashions

Although we're barely halfway through winter, the fashions you'll be seeing this spring and summer will be showcased next month during the Mercedes-Benz S/S 2014 Fashion Week in New York City. While a few looks from 2013 will follow us into 2014, there will be many new trends budding this spring and summer. From tribal-inspired gear to floral prints, artistically-crafted pieces to metallics, street styles to more audacious wears, the spring and summer are sure to bring styles that are both feminine and edgy. Expect to see plenty of charming prints and bold patterns, feminine tops and dresses, and vibrant colours.

According to fashion forecasters, clothing bearing provocative cuts paired with feminine silhouettes and unconventional designs will be staples during the spring and summer. So whether it's brightly-coloured pieces or items featuring sophisticated graphics, there is a bevy of unique attire coming out in the first half of 2014.

Crafty Colours

While the previous spring/summer look was all about prints and patterns, spring/summer 2014 is going to focus on colors—particularly that of the bold variety. From warm pumpkin to brilliant shades of red, colours for the spring and summer will be striking and intense. Hues such as tangerine, terracotta, and honey will be used in everything from jeans and tights to pumps and hair accessories. What's more, these colours are great as they look good on everyone.

Those with a fair complexion can easily rock radiant reds, while those with more melanin enhance their sun-kissed skin tone with more golden colours. And unlike the prints and patterns of seasons past, these solid colours can be blended with just about anything. For instance, sleek, pleated shorts in a soft yellow can be meshed with any dainty beach piece. If you're looking to get started here, M&S provides customer reviews and ratings with their products so you can know what you're about to get into from other fashionistas like yourself. And that goes for whether you're seeking a bikini in a floral pattern (a popular option at the moment) or a kaftan in an abstract print. If you purchase some key wardrobe pieces in vibrant colors and you'll be set for throughout the spring and summer.

When it comes to unique colours, bright solids of reds and oranges won't be the only shades trending this spring and summer. While previous colder weather seasons have offered up cutting-edge metallics, the warmer months rarely give these shinny colours any exposure. This spring/summer will be a game changer for metallics, with everything from harem pants to light leather jackets getting a shine to them. Pastels, particularly pinks, are also getting the icy treatment.

Return of Prints and Patterns

Once again, effeminate pieces will take center stage and remain staples in the closets of the fashion forward. However, this spring/summer, girly prints and patterns will get even cuter. According to Glamour, designers such as Miu Miu will be adding delightful prints like cartoon cats along with polished, structured coats.

The brilliant colors noted above will also come into play with the upcoming seasons' prints and patterns as items like knit jackets and pleated, knee-length skirts. Even tights, leggings, and lacy, darling socks are getting a charming leg up with the help of floral prints and funky tribal patterns, making it easy for any fashionista to include fun designs.

Which trends are you looking forward to wearing this Spring/Summer?

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  1. Hey,
    Found you blog on Bloggerforums, it's lovely! Cannot wait for SS14, I'm already a lover of colour and prints, just praying for a little sunshine soon.

    Nakita | N. Style & Beauty

    1. Ahh thankyou :) I know I always say I love autumn and winter but it's got particularly cold just lately!! x


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