Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Bath and Shower Oil Review

Around this time last year I went to Professional Beauty in London and came away with a set of mini Aromatherapy Associates bath oils I tried each and everyone one of them and that's where my obsession with bath oils began. An email arrived in my inbox the other day to tell me that Aromatherapy Associates had a sale going on on their website; I've been quite good this year and resisted most sale stuff but I couldn't pass this up. I've been waiting and waiting to be able to buy a full size bottle of one of their bath oils so this was the perfect opportunity. 


Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil De-Stress Mind 

This is the only full size bath/shower oil available in the sale but luckily it was one of the ones I would have chosen anyway out of the ones I tried in the minis set. Just recently it's been a really stressful time in my job with end of year self assessments among other things so an oil that claims to de-stress your mind is perfect for me. De-stress mind helps to focus the mind and ease emotional stress and confusion by adding one cap full to your bath or smoothing it over your body in the shower; I've never used it in the shower, I always use it in baths because I find it much more relaxing. 

The prominent scent is frankincense but this is toned down slightly by notes of camomile, it is a strong fragrance but I think this is key to it being so relaxing, this poured into a hot bath with the lights turned off and a candle burning is the one of the most enveloping experience you could have at home. 

I really, really enjoy using this bath oil especially when I've had a really stressful day, it helps me relax and aids in a more peaceful sleep. 1 full size bottle will give you 20 gorgeously relaxing baths/showers which works out at just under £2 per bath (if you're working on full price); this is cheaper than most products you find in lush so although it sounds expensive at £40 a bottle I don't think it's too bad and I've definitely got a bargain at less than £20!


When you get to the checkout on the Aromatherapy Associates website you get the choice of three samples, I chose a small version of de-stress mind, support equilibrium and support breathe. These are the same size that you get in the minis set and they're a great way to get customers hooked on Aromatherapy Associates products. Support equilibrium is supposed to aid in balancing your emotions and uplifting your mood, I really like the smell of this; it's actually similar to turkish delight as daft as that sounds which is probably to do with the rose element of this. Support breathe is for when you're feeling a bit bunged up if you have a cold, I got this one in the minis set and used it when i was feeling rubbish and it was really gorgeous, the eucalyptus and peppermint really helps to clear your airways and make you feel a bit more normal.

I also got an extra 10% off my order because I signed up to their newsletter when prompted on their website so in total my order cost me £17.55 which I think is a bargain!

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