J2O Glitter Berry Review

I know the festive season is technically over but there are some people (like me) that like to celebrate in January because circumstances mean that Christmas equals work, work and more work! So today I'm showing you a festive offering from J2O; the new J2O Glitter Berry which you may have seen if you've partaken in a drink or two over the Christmas period. For the past couple of years J2O have brought out their limited edition 'Glitter Berry' flavour over the festive period, for those of you who don't know its a mixed berry flavoured juice drink but with tiny flecks of edible glitter in it... what's not to like? Well they only went and made an alcoholic cocktail with it aswell...




As you have probably already guessed, J2O Glitter Berry* is a sweet and simple cocktail to make just a bottle of J2O Glitter Berry mixed with a measure of Disaronno. The combination of grape and cherry with a hint of spice and the silky smooth richness of Amaretto creates a taste not dissimilar to that of a Cherry Bakewell tart... errm yum! 

Who wouldn't want to sit with such a gorgeous tasting cocktail, with a hint of sparkle aswell!?


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