Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara Review

Maybelline Brow Drama has become a bit of a cult makeup product on UK high street, it's reasonably priced and works really well. My eyebrows aren't the prettiest, they are quite sparse and the brows I have can be unruly so I do need something to keep them in shape and Maybelline Brow Drama looked like it could definitely do the job.


The gel comes in 3 different shades; deep blonde, medium brown and dark brown. I went for medium brown because although I have fair hair my eyebrows aren't as light. The shade is perfect for me, meaning that it gives my brows shape and a more even colour. The brush is shaped with a bobble on the end to make it easy to apply with just enough product when you load the brush. 


Before - as you can see I don't have a very prominent arch, probably due to years of over-plucking and not looking after them properly. 


After - The arch is much better and the overall look of the brow is a lot neater. 

The gel keeps unruly hairs in place and means that I very rarely use brow pencils anymore, especially during the day because I find it gives me enough colour and I prefer not to have brows which look too drawn on. If you're looking for something reasonably priced to keep your brows under control then I can highly recommend this. I have used Benefit Speed Brow before but I much prefer Maybelline Brow Drama because the brush is much better and I think you get much more product for a fraction of the price. 

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