Thursday, 16 January 2014

Shopping my stash #2

Last week I decided to start a weekly shopping my stash feature, this week I packed up some unloved products and took them to the log cabin we stayed at in Sherwood Forest (hence the change in scenery, theses past few posts). This week I've included products that are in my every day makeup bag but they still never seem to make it into my every day makeup routine. 

Lanolips 101 Multipurpose Ointment* £7.99 I used quite a bit of this when I first got it then it just kind of got lost in the bottom of my makeup bag until now. The product is really nice, I'll be aiming to use this more when I'm using lip stains because it gives your lips a real nice sheen whilst keeping them feeling smooth and moisturised. 

Benefit World Famous Neutrals Kit£23.50 I got this last year at the Benefit Fake Up event, it's a really beautiful eyeshadow kit, with the most perfect creme base in 'Bikini Tini', the powder shadows are equally as lovely, although not as soft and easy to apply as I would like. I need to start using these when I'm going for a night time makeup look, Blingo! is a really gorgeous sparkly silver, but for me it's only really wearable for heavier makeup looks.

Hugo Boss Nuit 50ml £48.50 My husband bought me this for Christmas in 2012, I had it in a travel makeup bag for ages until I found it when I was having a bit of a clear out. I use this as an every day perfume, despite its heavy price tag, because the scent isn't distinctive enough for me to wear it on a night. It doesn't smell as you would imagine it to, it's kind of a soft sandlewood/floral kind of smell which isn't my favourite but it keeps me smelling nice throughout the day. There's nothing worse than having several bottles of perfume with only a tiny bit left in, hence why this made it into this weeks shopping my stash!

MAC Blush 'Style' £18.00 I bought this way back in 2011 (I know what they say about hygiene and makeup but seriously, I'm not going to throw away a perfectly good MAC blush) and wore it every single day for a good 6 months because for me it's the perfect peachy blush, but of course other blushes come into your life and older ones get pushed aside. I do really like this because it's so wearable, I'm looking forward to bringing it back into my routine! P.S. Feel free to snigger at the old post I've linked to.

Nars Eyeshadow Trio 'Calanque' £33.00 I bought this at IMATS last year when there was 60% off everything (the most amazing discount, ever) and although I don't like posting about things that are no longer available, I couldn't help but include this because it's such a lovely eyeshadow trio for a gorgeous neutral eye look. When I first bought it, it kind of got shoved into my makeup box and forgotten about and I really don't know why because I've had a play over the past few days and I love it! I think it cost me about £13, bargains like this make me so eager to go to IMATS again this year!!



  1. The Nars trio looks gorgeous, definitely the type of shades I'd wear :) You got it for a great price! x


  2. The MAC Blush 'Style' looks pretty. I still don't own a Mac blush. i think this makes me a bad beauty blogger

  3. lovely things!

    xx, rebecca

  4. i like the sound of that neutrals benefit kit! xx

  5. Hugo Boss Nuit is gorgeous! Nars eyeshadow trip has caught my eye!

    Yasmeen x


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