Ted Baker Large Bow Makeup Bag

There's always at least one product that I would really really like to own, a Ted Baker makeup bag has been on that list for long enough so I thought what better time to get one than when I was in Selfridges in London. I got to see it and feel it before I bought it which is always a little better than shopping online, I think. I did have a similar sized bag which came with a Gok Wan set but it got a little bit tatty and a little bit mucky inside so it had to go because nobody wants a gross make up bag do they so enter the Ted Baker large bow makeup bag:

Large Makeup Bag £20.00

The bow design is like a signature Ted Baker design, it's simple yet really pretty I think. It seems that they might be fading this design out of the collection because it was very difficult for me to find a link to somewhere with stock; the design seems to have changed to a flatter bow which is equally as pretty.

The Ted Baker makeup bags come in a few different sizes and you'd obviously choose according to your makeup bag requirements; I needed something to hold the majority of the makeup I use on a daily/weekly basis so it needed to be pretty big. 


As you can see the width is roughly the same as an Urban Decay Naked palette, maybe slightly bigger because it does fit comfortably. As I said the design is quite basic, but functional, the lining is made of a smooth material which is easy to wipe and the outside is patent which means that it's really easy to clean and you'd struggle to stain it with anything (unless you are particularly clumsy with nail polish or something!). 

I just love having this on display, it keeps everything tidy in my bathroom and I do feel a little bit posh having a 'Ted Baker' makeup bag... small things and all that. I know that lots of people have acrylic storage on their dressing tables which looks very nice but I apply my makeup in the bathroom so it wouldn't be very practical to have mine stored in those at the moment. Also having my makeup in a bag means that I don't have to mess around too much if I'm travelling, I just zip it up and go!

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