Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Beauty releases I'm excited about...

I haven't been 'excited' about any beauty releases for quite a while now but there are a few things which have caught my eye recently and I thought I'd share them with you as I figured you might not have heard about them.
new beauty releases
MAC Maleficent Collection (due for release in the US May 2014)
I completely missed the MAC Villainous Villains collection which was released in 2010 with the amazing Disney cartoon print packaging so when I heard that they were releasing some 'Maleficent' pieces to accompany the upcoming film starring Angelina Jolie. There's not much information about it at this time but I can imagine that some of the pieces will be gorgeous... if I can find an exact date of release for this and I'm in America I will be dragging my husband to a store to get some because I reckon it'll sell out in no time!
OPI Glitter Off nail base (due for release March/April 2014)
Like a lot of people, I love the look of glitter polish but getting it off your nails is an absolute pain, it takes a lot of soaking and rubbing to get it off properly and sometimes when I'm applying nail polish I just aren't ready for that removal commitment. OPI are bringing out a base which allows you to paint on top of it with glitter polish and just peel it right off when you're doing, leaving a lovely clean nail ready for whatever other colours you want to throw at it. I daresay there's already a base which allows you to peel off glitter nail polish but I haven't found it yet so I'm very excited about this!
Are there any upcoming beauty releases that you're excited about?
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  1. The OPI Glitter Off nail base sounds exciting I really need this in my life


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