Sunday, 9 February 2014

Discover a new blogger/youtuber #1

I don't do this anywhere near as much as I should do but just recently I've discovered some real gems in the blogging/youtube world and I thought I'd share them with you...

Liza is a relatable glamour-puss, she's gorgeously pretty and does some of the most amazing makeup looks. She has one blog to share her fashion and beauty loves; Glam Beautys and a separate blog Glam Bambini to share her escapades with her baby boy, Vinny, among other lifey bits and pieces. She always looks flawless and also does some great videos over on her YouTube channel.

Some of you will probably be thinking 'what?! you've only just heard of Hannah Maggs' ... yep I have only just discovered her blog and youtube channel. I passed about 2 hours last night watching different videos on her YouTube channel and I can honestly say I think she's a really lovely inspirational woman. She takes her readers through her turbulent times in Draw My Life (tissues at the ready) and shares some of the 'highlights' of the birth of her baby boy Grayson in her Birthing Video. Hannah is also a make up artist, she shares all her makeup tips, tricks and reviews on her blog. She seems so down to earth, so lovely, so my kind of lady.

Katie seems like one of the most down to earth bloggers ever, and she's a fellow Yorkshire girl which I also love about her. She's got gorgeously pastel pink hair and a lipstick collection to die for, she's sure to get you hooked on her YouTube channel and her Blog. One of my favourite posts by Katie was about her struggle with weightloss, being overweight for most of my life I find it quite 'comforting' (if that's the word to use), that there are other ladies who share my problem.

I'll be honest with you and say that I don't follow that many 'mainstream' fashion blogs, purely because a lot of the clothes featured aren't available in my size (I pray for the day I can get back into a 14, seriously) but Claire's posts never fail to catch my eye when they pop up on my dashboard, I always end up clicking for a little look and I will very often comment. The outfits she puts together are amazing, they are always so flattering but yet they look so effortless; the black jumpsuit in her latest post... how beautiful!!? She also does a weekly snapshot post which I absolutely love and read every single time it pops up in my feed. 

This post has literally taken me about 2/3 weeks to write, I read so many blogs that it really is difficult to try and narrow it down to a few to feature in a post like this. I have full intentions of making this at least a monthly post, so you never know, your blog could be up here next :)

Tell me... which are your favourite blogs/vlogs?



  1. glambeauty's is my favourite, her videos and blog are amazing!

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

  2. These are my favourite kind of posts, I love finding new reads! I've just done a similar post to share my favourite reads.
    Love From Sammie xx

  3. Lovely post love blogger love and finding new blogs to read I like to share blogs I'm liking on my blog too. x

    Catherines Loves

  4. This is a lovely idea for a post!! I have just discovered Hannah Maggs too! I find her amazing, and yes, I cried like a baby at her Draw My Life video! xx

    Kate | raspberrycheeks

  5. I have only just got into watching Youtube videos but I adore Liza and her videos. She makes me want to get all dressed up!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. I love these kind of posts! They're so positive & out of your recommendations I only recognise one so I will be checking out the rest.


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