Thursday, 6 February 2014


Today I'm bringing you a nail polish which I bought the other day on another one of my trips to Boots, I had a voucher for £1 off a £5 spend on makeup... how could I let that expire without using it up?! I've been looking for a budget navy nail polish ever since I've seen navy shades on the likes of Sam from Pixiwoos, Sam was wearing an OPI shade which usually retail at about £11.95. I love OPI nail polishes, don't get me wrong, but I've been on a bit of a high street rampage at the moment, determined not to spend a fortune on the stuff I want. I looked at all the stands in Boots and the only Navy shade which stood out to me was one from Seventeen which is one of Boots own brands.

seventeen lasting fix nail polish midnight sapphire
Seventeen Lasting Fix Nail Polish in 'Midnight Sapphire' £2.99 Boots

Although I really wanted to try a navy shade, I was a bit worried that a dark colour would make my nails look short and stubby but I actually really like how it looks. It looks classy and shiny, I think. The applicator brush is just a regular size which for me makes application a little more difficult, I like wider brushes which you often find with Rimmel polishes. It also says that you should get up to 5 days wear with this, you don't and it's as simple as that. I applied this last night and by 1pm this afternoon it was already chipped and I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary with my fingers. Having said that, for £2.99 I don't expect miracles and I'm willing to overlook this because I do really like the shade.

What is your favourite blue nail polish?

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  1. I like wider brushes too but this colour is a beauty! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. This is such a nice colour.
    I bought a lovely no7 navy polish last month. Its quite a lot darker than this but its such a nice shade.


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