Monday, 3 March 2014

CrownBrush Haul

Last week I went down to London for the weekend to the Professional Beauty show and one of the stands I was really looking forward to visiting was Crown Brush. I'd got a couple of brushes at last years IMATS London and I totally fell in love, they're not available in stores so the only option is buy online or buy at trade shows... I'd personally rather see what I'm buying when it comes to brushes which is why I love places like Professional Beauty!

The stand itself is no frills, they have quite a big space though which is just filled with hundreds of different brushes from their various brush collections. The stand is always busy and it is quite difficult to shuffle yourself in to see what you want to see but I persevered and managed to get three different brushes. The first one I picked up which I'd had my eye on for a couple of weeks was the angle liner/spoolie (£2.89), I've seen a few bloggers mention it and it looked perfect for brows; tame them first with the spoolie then use the angled liner to apply brow powder. The next brush I got was the syntho angled shader (£4.99), I'd been looking for another eyeshadow brush which was a little bigger but a similar shape and a little firmer than the deluxe crease brush, the angled shader encompasses all three things and is perfect for both applying and blending eyeshadow. The final brush I bought was a lip brush (£2.19); I find it quite difficult to apply dark coloured lipsticks straight from the bullet so I thought a brush would be ideal to sort that problem out. This is quite a firm brush but still very gentle to use, the firmness means that you can load the brush up properly and apply it precisely - perfect!
I got 3 brushes for just over £10, if that's not a bargain I don't know what is! I don't think there's any need to spend a fortune on brushes when there are brands like Crown out there; if you haven't tried anything from Crown then you should definitely see if anything takes your fancy on their website.
Do you have a favourite brush from Crown?
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  1. I love crown brushes! a lot of my brushes are crown, I have one MAC brush, and I like the crown brushes a lot more actually!

    Catherine x

  2. I have been meaning to buy them. Love the brow brush 2 in one .

    D, x


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