Neutral Eyeshadow - Liz Earle Signature Colour

Liz Earle make up has been really impressing me lately, especially with the Strengthening Nail Colour and It's been a while since I've discovered some new amazingly good eyeshadows so when I got the opportunity to try some Liz Earle ones, I jumped at the chance! I generally stick with my safe palettes (namely the first Naked palette and MUA Heaven and Earth) but when these Liz Earle Signature Eye Colour shadows came through the post I did get a little bit excited when I saw the shade names. As you'll probably know, my favourite eye looks are variations of nude shadows so when I saw Taupe, Nude, Chestnut and Bronze I knew they were going to be perfect!




These 4 shades are what eye shadow dreams are made of!! The shade names are perfect for each colour which is nice because sometimes the shade names don't really say a lot about what you're going to find in the pan but these describe the colours really well.

My thoughts: The shadows are really soft and they're really easy to load on to the brush, however you do have to be careful when applying because they tend to cause quite a bit of fall out, especially in the corner of your eye if you're not careful with the brush. Once you get used to exercising caution when applying these, they can be used to create some beautiful eye makeup. I tend to wear Nude all over the lid with Taupe in the crease for day time wear and then I darken things up a little for night time, Chestnut is a gorgeous brown with a slight shimmer which is great for creating a brown smokey eye. Bronze is a gold toned brown which is also great for taking an eye look from day to night. I'd really like to add Golden Sand to my little collection because that's another lighter cream coloured shade which would also be good to use as a highlight as well as on your eyes!

Each Liz Earle Signature Colour* is £13.50, which does seem expensive but you are paying for quality makeup and because you can cherry pick your shades you can start a collection which is totally tailored to your needs, unlike palettes which come as standard and there's always at least one or two colours that you never use! 

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