Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Review

It's been a while since I enjoyed a Lush bath and I couldn't resist buying the Easter Golden Egg bath bomb when I went to the Meadowhall Bloggers Breakfast. Let's be fair it is covered in glitter so it does stand out a little, especially if like me, you're a sucker for anything sparkly. However, in all honesty I did wait a little to use this because I was unsure of just how glittery I would be when I emerged from the bath, if I resembled a human glitter ball I might look a bit daft if I was going out straight away!


 Golden Egg Bath Bomb £3.50 Lush Cosmetics

My thoughts: Despite its scarily glittery outside, the inside of this bath bomb is actually a lot less daunting, the glitter disperses immediately when you drop it into the bath, revealing an easter chick-yellow egg shape. As with all bath bombs it foams and fizzes; this one leaves a trail of yellow water along with flecks of gold and red glitter. I tend to get into the bath towards the end of the bomb's life and upon closer inspection I could see that the bath water was full of glitter, it looked really pretty actually especially when lifting my hands out of the water; it actually looked quite 'magical'. Surprisingly enough, when I got out of the bath I wasn't a human glitter ball but I did have a nice subtle sparkle. As for the scent, it's very similar to the 'Honey, I washed the kids' range which is like a sweet toffee/honey kind of scent; very enjoyable and not overpowering in the slightest.

Overall I really liked using this, it's perfect for anyone with a penchant for glitter and anyone who wants to add a little bit of fun to their bath time.  As with all Lush products, it doesn't come cheap at £3.50 but everyone deserves a me-time treat now and again and it's a great alternative to chocolate if you're looking to buy someone a little something for Easter.

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