NARS Laguna Dupe

I've been looking for a NARS Laguna bronzer dupe after I ran out of it and I was not prepared to spend almost £30 on a replacement, I was determined to find a nice high street one to tide me over until I feel ready to splurge. Bronzed Perfection by MUA really stood out to me on the shelf, the pan is massive and it looks far more matte than NARS Laguna, for £3 I could afford to give it a try. MUA is a brand which is full of hidden gems, unfortunately I think too many people dismiss them because they are so cheap but honestly I don't think you could get better value for money when it comes to high street make up. The Bourjois chocolate bronzer is generally the one people go for I think but I really wanted to discover something new...
MUA Bronzed Perfection £3 

As I say, the pan is huge, probably bigger than the palm of my hand so for £3 you get lots of product. The bronzer itself is really soft and loads onto the brush really easily, it's not chalky in the slightest and it's nicely pigmented. I apply it with the Real Techniques blush brush and I can honestly say now that I much prefer wearing bronzer over blusher; I just like the glow it gives me and I don't have to worry about making myself look like a china doll. 
I've done a bit of a comparison to show the difference between NARS Laguna and MUA Bronzed Perfection and as you can see there's not that much difference, if anything Laguna has slightly more shimmer and is less orange toned than Bronzed Perfection, Bronzed Perfection is more of a very light frost than anything. I have quite a light skin tone and Bronzed Perfection doesn't show up orange on my skin; I would actually say that if you find Laguna a little too dark for you then Bronzed Perfection might be worth a try! I'm really pleased I picked it up and it'll be a daily product for quite some time to come I think!

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