Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser Review

I'm quite lazy when it comes to moisturising; unless one of my body butters in within easy reach when I get out of the bath/shower I generally skip that step (hence why I seem to have a bit of a body butter overload in my cupboard). The new Nivea in-shower body moisturiser is the answer to my prayers because it brings back the convenience in moisturising. The proud owner of an Elle International Beauty Award, this in-shower moisturiser has been thoroughly tested to ensure only the best performing ingredients have gone into it. Its unique water activated formula is designed to be used on wet skin after washing, leaving skin moisturised for up to 24 hours. 
Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser£3.56 Boots

My thoughts: It dispenses easily and smells like traditional soap, there is nothing fancy about the scent but I don't mind that at all because I can get a fancy smelling shower gel if I really want. To begin with I was unsure about this product, it felt so weird applying a thick moisturiser in the shower... and then showering it off! I was also under the illusion that this was a moisturising body wash not an actual full on moisturiser which you use after washing. However, after using it a couple of times I got used to the concept and actually begun to quite like it, it's become part of my shower routine so I automatically use it while I'm waiting for my hair conditioner to do its stuff. 

The trick is not to overdo it, the first time I used it I squeezed a massive splodge into the palm of my hand and tried rubbing it on my arms; it seemed to be never ending and made me realise that you don't need quite so much. It eliminates the hassle and inconvenience of moisturising after you've showered; no more waiting for your sticky limbs to be dry enough to clothe just shower and go. Just a small note, I think if you have excessively dry skin then this would not be enough for you, I think you would probably need a more intense moisture kick but if, like me, you have normal/dry skin this is perfect.

This is ideal for busy people; if you find that you don't have the time to moisturise after showering then this is a product you should pick up next time you're in Boots. It'd be absolutely perfect for any mummies out there who find it hard to find time to shower let alone moisturise because you can kill two birds with one stone. At the moment this is the only one in the Nivea in-shower moisturiser range but they are set to bring out some more scents.

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