Primark is the Best Place for Disney T-Shirts

Primark is undoubtedly the king of affordable Disney products and the beauty about buying them here and in Primark is that they're a fraction of the price that I would be paying in Florida or in the Disney Store in the UK. Each under £10, I got myself 3 t-shirts with different Disney character designs...



The Minnie Mouse one is a slim fit t-shirt which I had to get in a bigger size because it is tight but it's meant to hug your figure more than the other two which are more of a loose fit with turned over sleeves. I think they'll be perfect to wear for either travelling or during the day with a pair of shorts, although I haven't quite decided whether it's going to be too hot even for t-shirts. And by that I don't mean I'm considering walking around with nothing on my top half, I'm just unsure as to whether I'll have to wear vests during the day.

They do stock a Bambi one which I loved but they didn't have my size, they also do a Finding Nemo one and several other non-Disney character and band tops and t-shirts. I'm sure lots of you will be partial to a good character t-shirt, if you are then Primark is definitely the place to be at the moment. They also do some cute socks in Disney and some other prints but they were £2.50 per pair, a little steep for Primark, no? Anyway, these t-shirts were all £6 each and a selection should be available in most UK Primark stores.

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