TRESemmé Waterless foam dry shampoo review

I'm usually an avid Batiste user, I have tried cheaper alternatives from Superdrugs' own but I've never tried a dry shampoo which is different in the way you use it. Obviously we all know how Batiste works; you spray it on your roots, work into your hair and then brush out. TRESemmé is very different in that it is a waterless foam shampoo so you pump 2 to 3 times into your hand, work into your roots and then instead of just leaving it you have to actually dry your hair with a hairdryer. Although this doesn't sound like the most convenient dry shampoo I assumed that it would be better because obviously it takes longer... Unfortunately this hasn't worked out for me and although I don't like doing negative reviews, I honestly couldn't avoid it with this.
TRESemmé Waterless Foam Dry Shampoo

My thoughts: I had high hopes for this I really did, but it hasn't lived up to expectations at all. I didn't mind that it took a little more time to use because I started to hate the way my hair felt after using Batiste but I've followed the instructions on this to the letter on two occasions and it's just not working for me. My hair wasn't excessively greasy either time, I'm not trying to work miracles on hair which is greasy beyond rescue; it's been no greasier than when I would use Batiste (for example I might have washed my hair in the afternoon on the day before when I have used this the next morning). I've worked it through my hair then dried it with the hairdryer, brushed it and it looked just as greasy as before, if not a little worse actually. Not a good product at all and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone; I'll be sticking to Batiste from now on! 

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