Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish in Autumn Spice

Not really sure why I bought a nail polish entitled 'Autumn Spice' when we're now into spring, I should have been going for corals and pinks or pastels but nope my logic said 'ooh that looks nice, pick the brown one'. Don't ask, because I don't know.
Anyhow, it wasn't the shade which drew my attention to the new Revlon Parfumerie nail polish, it was the pretty little vintage perfume bottle style bottle which I immediately thought 'ooh that'd look nice on my dressing table', regardless of the quality of the product. A bit shallow really but I'm a sucker for pretty stuff. I could have chosen from a plethora of 19 other shades of polish, from pastel mint to hot pink but no I went for Autumn Spice which is a shimmer brown shade, perfect for autumn as the name suggests. The polish is also scented, I'm a lover of woody/warm scents which is one of the reasons why Autumn Spice seemed like a sensible shade choice but the lighter colours are more of a fresh fragrance. 
Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish £6.49
My Thoughts: It looks exactly the same on nails as it does in the bottle, as you can see. I did actually think it was going to be more of a purple shade (the swatch on the Boots website does look quite purpley, shame on me for buying blindly online!) but alas it definitely is a brown shimmer shade. As I say, not ideal for the current season but it'll definitely come out again in September/October. When I first opened the bottle I expected to smell 'Autumn Spice' but I just smelt nail polish HOWEVER me being a bit dim didn't realise that the nice scent doesn't come through until the nail polish is dry. When it's dry it does actually smell like Autumn Spice, its quite nice and reminds me of Christmas actually, ha! At £6.49 a bottle it's quite pricey and there are obviously cheaper alternatives but the bottle is very cute and it smells nice so that's two unique selling points it has over other high street nail polishes! I'm loving the look of Ginger Melon, which is a like a coral pink and a bit more season-appropriate.

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