Skincare regime for Combination skin

It's been a while since I did a skincare regime for combination skin so I thought I'd do a little update. If you don't already know by now I have combination skin prone to blemishes BUT if you have normal/dry skin please don't let this put your off reading this because some of the products I use are actually for all skin types. 
You'll have seen by my post the other day that I'm really impressed with Lush Ultrabland (£6.95), despite really enjoying micellar water I do really love this for a night cleanse when I have heavier makeup on. I do find that I always have to tone properly with Lush Tea Tree Water (£7.50) otherwise I feel a little bit oily... the tea tree in the water acts a mild astringent but is so gentle and it doesn't smell offensively of tea tree. It's also antibacterial which helps to keep spots at bay without leaving my skin feeling dry as the Sahara (nothing worse than toning with an over-zealous toner if you have problem skin as it can make you over produce oil). I have to say, I'm really really impressed with Lush's skincare range, and it's so affordable! As you can see, the old favourite Heal Gel face (£48.00) is still there, the most expensive of everything but it's lasting me a good while. I now alternate this with Effaclar Duo Plus, I tend to concentrate this on my cheeks where I have the most redness and scarring and it is helping to reduce the mess that years of battling with my skin has caused... as I said in my review of it: I don't expect miracles, baby steps are fine for me. You'll also notice a completely new addition in the form of Melvita Nectar Pur mattifying balancing fluid (£26); I've been using this peppermint scented number to give me just the right amount of moisture whilst stopping my face looking shiny.
Looking at it, my little 'regime' looks quite elaborate but it doesn't take me long at all to do (trust me, if it did I wouldn't be doing it!). I'm still getting spots, but I've managed to get it down to the odd one or two at the moment which is good compared to 6 months ago. I dare say a better diet will be going a long way towards improving my skin but I reckon skincare contributes a fair bit too!

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