Shopping Centre Facial with Kiehl's - A Review

Who knew that you could go for a facial whilst shopping in Meadowhall Sheffield? I sure didn't until I was invited for a complimentary treatment at the Kiehl's counter in House of Fraser. You can't really miss the Kiehl's counter when you walk into Meadowhall House of Fraser; it's on the first floor on the left hand side just as you walk through the door. They're known for their clean, no nonsense packaging so their little area within the beauty hall reflects this...






Tucked inside the first floor of House of Fraser there is a little treatment room which is booked out by various brands within the store to offer their customers treatments using their products. I was greeted by a lovely lady called Hannah and led to their cosy little room to talk about my skin; my current regime and any issues that I have. I explained that I cleanse every single night and every morning (with two different cleansers) and I always moisturise... if I'm in a rush and there's a step I miss out it'll be toner. Obviously as most of you know my main skin issues are that I am very blemish prone and I have an oily t-zone but quite dehydrated cheeks so this can make choosing skincare a bit of a problem.

After my little consultation the facial began, everything about it was so relaxing from the facial massage to the smell of the products and the tranquil surroundings (quite hard to believe that there was a bustling shopping centre literally metres away!). I could tell that Hannah was trained well; she knew what she was talking about and her technique was very good. I won't lie, I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep on more than one occasion! 

Obviously she chose the products to use based on what I had previously told her about my skin and this is what she came up with:

- Blue herbal gel cleanser 
- Ultra facial oil free cleanser
- Calendula herbal extract toner
- Pineapple Papaya facial scrub

- Rare earth deep pore cleansing masque
- Clearly corrective solution
- Ultra facial oil free lotion
- Powerful wrinkle reducing eye cream

- Ultra light daily defence (SPF 50)
- Midnight Recovery Concentrate (recommended for night time use)

 Throughout the experience I never felt pressured into buying any products, it was very relaxed and I felt like Hannah was genuinely trying to help me in her recommendations (rather than just using hard selling techniques which can be very off-putting). Of course there were products which stood out to me more than others and in this case it has to be the Ultra Facial oil free cleanser and lotion as well as the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. 

The Midnight Recovery might come as a bit of a surprise because it's an intensive oil treatment; the comment misconception is that if you have oily skin you shouldn't use oil but I think the reason why I have blemishes on my cheeks is because over the past year or so I've stripped my skin of its natural oils on my cheeks meaning the sebaceous glands have gone into overdrive and caused breakouts. You only need a couple of drops of Midnight Recovery for your whole face because it's such an intensive treatment, however, it doesn't leave any oily residue at all in fact it actually feels more like a dry oil.

The facial costs £30 and lasts around an hour, but you can use the £30 to redeem against any purchase which makes the facial and skin consultation free - bargain! If you are struggling for a gift idea for anyone then I'd strongly recommend something like a voucher for a facial at Kiehl's because it can be incorporated into a days shopping and you could find your holy grail skincare product!

*This was a complimentary treatment, this however does not affect my judgement, go and meet Hannah and the lovely Kiehls ladies for yourself, they're ace!

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