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Meadowhall is one of the largest shopping centre in Yorkshire, offering the widest range of stores in the area all under one roof. A couple of times a year they hold special events where many of the stores will offer discounts and there'll be lots of other activities and promotions going on around the centre. I was very kindly invited to this years Ladies night as part of their bloggers panel (to be honest I'd have probably gone anyway, it was just an extra little push for me to go because the last Meadowhall event I went to was really enjoyable) so I went along to see what was on offer. 
It was the second time Meadowhall have hosted a Ladies Night, I didn't manage to get to the one last year I really did underestimate how big the whole event was going to be. To take advantage of all the discounts and events going on around the centre you had to register which then gave you a 'pass' on your smartphone which you showed in the various shops to claim your discount. So I registered at home and drove down to Meadowhall to be there for 5pm to meet the bloggers...
We met at Caffe Rizzoli (you might remember this from the Bloggers Breakfast which was held a few months back) for a glass of prosecco and a chance to chat with other bloggers and of course Beth who is Meadowhall's resident Fashion and Beauty advisor. I will always love Caffe Rizzoli, I would class it as a bit of a hidden gem in Meadowhall because although it's on a main thoroughfare it's not in the main Oasis food court so it could quite easily be missed. If you're looking for a relaxing bite to eat or even just a drink then you'll find this little prosecco bar on the ground floor right outside House of Fraser.
We were given a guide to the Ladies Night which had information about all the special offers and events which would be happening that night from 6-9pm, we were also informed that we would be meeting Amy Childs and we would be able to interview her if we wanted!! I'm not a massive fan of TOWIE but I think that Amy is a really inspirational woman, an example of why you should not judge a book by its cover because I think she is one smart lady. She has used the TV show as a stepping stone onto bigger and better things, she obviously realised that it would give her the break she needed to succeed. On the ground floor she had a pop up shop with clothes from her own clothing line as well as other Amy Childs branded products. She was there to showcase her collections, show off her brand new line at Dorothy Perkins and also to see her fans. 
We were taken to where she was sat, we were introduced as bloggers and the interviewing begun! I asked her what would be her must have item on a desert island, after a bit of umm-ing and ahh-ing she decided on mascara, she said she was loving YSL false lash effect at the moment (She wasn't wearing false eyelashes, all natural!). I also asked her what the best part of her job was, to which she replied 'meeting different people, meeting all my fans' she said that she didn't want to be a celebrity who refuses to have photos etc. which was lovely and she was really genuine with it. I haven't met that many celebrities but Amy was a real pleasure to speak to, she had so much time for us and she stood and posed  for a photo with every single one of us. It really made my night meeting her, I know I looked far too happy for my own good in my photo with her...

(yep, it's black and white because I looked horrendous next to Amy!)
After meeting Amy we walked to the 'Polaroid Dress' which is as it suggests; a dress made completely from Polaroid photos. I posed with Jemma from Bamboozle Beauty and our little faces were hooked onto the wire mesh which would eventually become covered in little faces... a world first apparently!

Next stop was the 'Beauty Spot' to see what was going on. This was under the 'dome' which is kind of like the centre of Meadowhall, right near the main entrance. Various brands such as Kiehls, Nails Inc, L'occitane (and loads more) were doing 'demonstrations' of their products. Unfortunately it was difficult to see anything properly and I didn't get anything done but there were ladies who were having their hair styled, their hands massaged and their senses tantalised which was the aim of the night - to be pampered and treated like a lady in between shopping while you drop! 
There were lots of fun goings on dotted around the centre including 'hot spots' where you connected your phone to bluetooth via the Meadowhall Ladies Night smartphone app to redeem special offers in that area, there was a half naked man advertising Diet Coke...
Grannies racing on their segway shopping trollies which was a bit weird but really funny, I only just managed to get a photo of this one before they sped past!
There was also lots of opportunity for shoppers to get involved around the centre, there was a hugely popular 'If the shoe fits' game where you went up on stage, chose a number with a corresponding shoe box, if that pair of shoes fit then you got to keep them! Lots of brands were involved in this and it was a hugely popular part of the Ladies Night, the queue was incredible. I really wanted a go and if I'd have been on the ball I'd have gone early but I just didn't have time to queue. 
It was a fab advertising opportunity for stores within Meadowhall and also businesses from surrounding areas; Doncaster Racecourse had a stand where they were giving away free Pimms and hats to try on and have your photo taken with. 
It was a great night for the shoppers in Meadowhall, it was really busy so the event had obviously pulled people into the centre who wouldn't have necessarily gone on a Thursday night and it gave brands the opportunity to show everyone what they had and of course to spend, spend, spend!! Judging by the success of this years Ladies Night, I don't think that this will be the last one and I am looking forward to seeing what other events they have planned for the coming months!
Did you attend this years Ladies Night, or did you attend last year?
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  1. Ah this sounds like such a fun night, I'm wishing I still lived in Sheffield now! You look lovely, Jade :)

    Jess xo

  2. sounds like you had a great time :) shame i haven't heard of many events like this around london surprisingly! xx


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