Holiday Skincare for Combination Skin

I haven't done a skincare post in a good while so I thought I'd share with you what I used in Florida. Combination/Oily skin and hot weather really don't mix well so I like to keep skincare to light formulas that aren't going to sit heavy on my skin making it feel uncomfortable but I know that I still need keep my skin moisturised when I'm out in the sun a lot. Like I say my regime was minimal while on holiday so there are only 4 key players to show you...
The Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2 in 1 cream cleanser* was what I used every single day, morning and night to cleanse my face. The cream formula was a gorgeous consistency, not too thick but not too thin; after a minute or so of massaging this onto the skin it breaks down makeup and grime and makes it easy to wipe away with a cloth. It smells beautiful and has really agreed with my skin... full review coming soon! 
The Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment mask* is what I used once per week while I was away for an injection of moisture; I concentrated it onto the more dehydrated areas of my face and neck (my cheeks and jawline) and left it there for around 10 minutes. It doesn't dry solid like the clay masks I normally go for, it just soaked into the skin and I wiped away any excess product away after the 10 minutes. If you suffer from dry skin then I'd highly recommend this; it has the signature Liz Earle scent and is a nice luxurious skin treatment. 
My Moisturiser of choice was the new Melvita Nectar Pur Mattifying Balancing Fluid*. Thin in consistency, this provides just enough daily moisture without overloading my skin, it's great for a makeup base and I found that I had very little oil breakthrough even after hours of wear. I've been using it for a while now and it's really working for me, full review coming soon!
Finally I've included a product that I used on the flight there and back, if you've flown long haul you'll know what it can do to your skin and how it can make you feel. I remember when I went to New York a few years back, when I got off the plane in the US I felt totally rubbish and my face felt so tight and grubby. I prepared properly this time and made sure that I wore very minimal makeup (just a smidge of foundation), took it off about 2 hours into the flight and applied the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate*. It smells absolutely divine and you only need a little bit to apply to the whole face to help nourish and rebalance your skin. I also rolled a bit onto my hands and just breathed it in, I found it helped me to relax and get a little bit of sleep before we landed into Sanford.
Like I said, my holiday skincare regime is simple but really effective. I'm now back in England and my skin is looking better than it's looked for years. I daresay the sun and relaxation helped too but these products really agree with my skin which is nice, I hate using something that breaks me out, but I haven't seen any signs of a spot all holiday!

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