Body Shop Vitamin E BB Cream Review

BB creams are a makeup product which seem to crop up around this time each year, a summer alternative to heavier foundations which we all turn to in the winter. Recently my skin has been treating me very kindly, I don't get half the breakouts I used to (she says, touching wood) so I can afford to go a little easier on the foundation. Before, I had no option but to use a full coverage product but now I can get away with medium and build it up in any problem areas I might have. Obviously in warmer weather it's not ideal to cake foundation on so I took the opportunity to try out the new Body Shop BB Cream, They've taken their classic Vitamin E range and incorporated it into a BB cream, quite clever really because I know their Vitamin E range is popular with women of all ages. It claims to illuminate, even out skin tone and moisturise for 12 hours...


My Thoughts

I'll start by saying that it only comes in one shade, the assumption of brands that 'one shade suits all' really isn't going to go down well with some people; If you're very pale or darker skinned than you might struggle with this. I've got quite fair skin (MAC shade NW13) and shade wise this BB cream is ok for me; I would say that it would be fine for anyone upto around MAC NW25. The key would be to try it in a store before you commit to buying. The formula isn't as lightweight as I expected to it be, it's actually quite thick for a BB cream but this does mean that it's a better coverage than other BB creams that I've tried. It did even out my skin tone well and neutralised some of the redness which I have on my cheeks from spots which have been and gone.

As you can see it has made my skin look more even and it has given me a 'glow'. If you go for the dewy look when buying foundations then this will be great for you, I tend to go for more matte finishes because of my oily t-zone and I found that this on its own was a bit too dewy and stayed quite 'sticky' on my skin if I didn't apply any powder to set it. However, it stays nicely with powder and mattifies it just enough for my skin to look like it has a healthy glow rather than being an oil slick. It did even out my skin tone nicely and neutralised any red blotchy bits I had; I did use a little too much the first time I used this and I think the key to using this effectively is to build it up rather than putting loads on in your initial application. 

Overall I do think it's one of the nicest BB creams I've used in terms of coverage but like I said, it does stay quite sticky on my oily t-zone. If you have normal/dry skin I would imagine that this could work even better for you than it does me even though the product is meant for all skin types. I do think I'm enjoying this more because my skin has cleared up significantly over the past few months, if you suffer with blemishes I would imagine that this isn't a good enough coverage for you on its own. 

tl;dr | One of the better coverage BB creams I've tried, great if you like the dewy look.

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