How to Find the Perfect Foundation

So you're in a shop and you're faced with tens of different counters offering you everything to satisfy your foundation needs, but where do you even start when it comes to choosing the right one for you? Believe me, I have been through my fair share of different foundations; some I have loved and some I have hated with a passion (hated the fact that I wasted hard earned cash even more!!).
Work out your skin type:- this plays a massive part in the kind of foundation you need to be trying; what works for someone with dry skin probably isn't going to work for someone with oily skin. If your skin is oily all over then you probably want to go for a powder based foundation whereas if you've got combination skin a liquid foundation may be better. If you have dry skin you want to stay away from powders and go for something which moisturises as you wear it.
Do your research:- The obvious place to start for me would be beauty blogs, a quick Google search of something like 'best foundation for oily skin blog' would bring up lots of different blog posts telling you all about different foundations. Obviously everyone is different but looking at the opinions of others should narrow it down a little bit for you so you can walk into store with a 'shortlist'.
If possible see someone on counter:- If you're going for a high end product then you have the luxury of seeing someone on a counter, although they may not be professionally trained in all aspects of makeup, chances are they will be very knowledgeable about their brand and the products they offer. Don't try and do it on your own; the lovely ladies are there for a reason and it doesn't cost anymore to ask for their help. You do not have to buy, don't feel pressured and make sure you don't let anyone make you feel guilty - you are not wasting their time if you don't buy!
Make sure you tell them what you want:- As much as the ladies are all very lovely, if they are trying to push something onto you that you don't think you want you need to politely tell them that you would rather try something else. Far too many times I have been pushed onto a product that I didn't really want and hated it when I got home. Do you want to mattify or do you like a dewy look, do you want a full coverage or just a light base?
Ask for samples:- Don't just go in for the kill immediately, if you are genuinely unsure of which shade to go for then you could always ask for a couple of pots of two or three shades to take home and try. Some places might not offer this but it's worth a try and you can apply the foundation as you usually would and you can get a real feel of what it's like.
Don't buy immediately:- If you think you've found the perfect foundation, don't be hasty. You'll never know whether it's for you until you've worn it for a couple of hours. If you're in a shopping centre, go and have a browse around and see how the foundation wears on your skin. After a couple of hours go into natural light (preferably outside) and have a look in the mirror - does it look orange or too pale? Is it still covering your skin evely? Can you see any excessive oiliness or dry patches? - Bottom line, if it's a new foundation do not buy it as soon as it's applied, you might be disappointed later!

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