Doggy Play Date

Jasper hasn't been on my blog for a good year or so, so I thought it was time he made another appearance. My friend Emily brought her dog so Jasp had a doggy play date with his Labrador friend Vinnie. They spent a good hour and half messing around with his ball and then chasing each other giving each other kisses kisses. They're both big softies but Vinnie loves to give kisses, they took it in turns to chase each other and just generally have an ace time!








The last photo is just Vinnie being his usual submissive self, he just laid down and let Jasper kiss him which sums them both up perfectly! I love having such a friendly little dog and meeting other similar dogs and letting them socialise together is really cute to watch. Jasper is completely conked out now and I bet he can't wait for the next play date!!

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