Chicago Town Takeaway Style Pizza

You're probably sat here thinking 'why is she posting about pizzas when she's doing Slimming World' and the simple answer to that is because I am allowed to eat what I want within reason and believe it or not I can have a slice of pizza within my syn value. When I was contacted to ask if I wanted to try a Chicago Town pizza I couldn't turn it down, it goes against all my food loving beliefs. 
Chicago Town 'Sloppy Joe' Takeaway Pizza £4 Tesco

The idea behind the Takeaway pizza is that it's as close to a takeaway at home as you'll get without paying £8-9 for one, a 'fakeaway' if you will! The crust rises and the topping is plentiful, unlike some of the pizzas you'll find down the frozen aisle. The Chicago Town Takeaway pizza is also a lot quicker to prepare than one that you order in; in a pre-heated oven it only takes 12 minutes to cook and you can watch the crust rise (which I find fascinating, sad I know). In an independent blind taste test Chicago Town Takeaway beat Dominos; 39% preferred Chicago Town whereas only 24% preferred Dominoes based on description, price and taste.
The main thing I noticed about this was the crust, it was crispy on the outside but really soft and fluffy inside just how proper crust should be. The thin base was so light and the ratio of topping to base was really good, I reckon this is to do with the fact that it's not pre-baked it's actually made and then frozen which is why it rises. With spicy beef, red onions and green peppers, Sloppy Jose is quite a spicy pizza topping and leaves a bit of a tingle on your lips but I quite like that, I don't do boring pizza toppings.
The pizza I had was 'classic crust', they do a tomato stuffed crust but that just doesn't float my boat, I would love it if they did a cheese stuffed crust... pretty please, Chicago Town?!
My slice... this size is 8.5 syns.
For all you Slimming World-ers if you cut this into 8 even slices, one slice will cost you 8.5 syns (whereas an actual pizza from the takeaway will set you back around 14 syns per slice!!!). You could make it into a lovely meal by adding either Slimming World chips or new potatoes with a crisp salad and a dollop of tomato sauce (1 syn) for dipping. Just make sure you have someone in the house to demolish the remaining 7 pieces because it's hard to resist having another slice!

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