Vegan Sun Protection - Lush

I understand that it's quite difficult to find cruelty free/vegan sun protection, in this day and age you'd think that more companies would tap into the massive market of people who refuse to use anything which contains any animal derived ingredients or anything which has been tested on animals... I won't get into it because that's a whole different blog post but I am pleased to say that Lush have now finally found a way to make cruelty free & vegan sun protection products.
I will start by saying that these are not a conventional sun care products. I expect sun cream to have a certain smell; often something coconutty or fresh but the Sesame Suntan Lotion* (£8.00 for 100ml) literally smells like sesame seeds... even borderline peanut butter which is a bit odd to say the least and The Sunblock (£8.95) is applied by washing it onto your skin which obviously isn't a 'normal' method of sun protection application but I remain open minded!
I have only actually tried the Sesame Suntan Lotion so that is what I'll be focusing on as I can't say too much about The Sunblock having not tried it but one thing I can say is that the Sesame lotion is a  low protection (SPF 10) whereas The Sunblock provides a higher protection (SPF 30). I would personally only use this for in the UK because I don't think such a low SPF would be appropriate for use abroad where the sun is usually more intense... I'm sure there are people who will say 'what is the point in SPF 10?' and for use in intense sun I would agree but I think this would be fine for days in sunny England when the sun isn't out at full force.
The formula is quite an oily one, I did find that it took a while to soak in to my skin and I would even say it bordered on sticky... not what I'm used to as I usually go for invisible sprays etc. but it does mean that a little goes a long way. Like I said, this is by no means a conventional sun protection product but it's worth a look even if you just went in store to smell it. I'm sure the scent will attract as many people as it puts off; it's just very weird and although it does fade the smell is there for some time. I would like to try The Sunblock just to compare and see if it suited me better but for now I think I will be sticking to my coconut stuff!

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