Nivea Summer Essentials

The sun has been out for a couple of days and it's officially 'mafting' (as we say where I live!), we moan when it's too cold and we often moan when it's too hot but Nivea have some products which make the sun & heat just a little easier to deal with!


Nivea Powder Touch Antiperspirant* RRP £2.29 - Nivea is one of my go-to brands for deodorant/antiperspirant because it's long lasting, it doesn't irritate my skin (even when I'm freshly shaved!) and both the powder touch and the pearl beauty sprays smell really lovely.

Nivea Sensitive Cleansing Wipes* RRP £3.05 - I must take off and re-apply my makeup at least twice on a hot day just because my face feels so hot and sticky. A sweaty, shiny face is not a good look and it's definitely not a nice feeling so these wipes are perfect for sweeping across your face to give you a fresh base for makeup. They'd also be great if you wear very minimal makeup and you want to cool your face down.

Nivea Raspberry Rose Lip Butter* RRP £1.99 - My lips suffer in the sun if I don't keep them properly nourished so I have an SPF lip balm to hand to protect them and I also have a butter like this to keep them from feeling dry and dehydrated. The fresh fruity smell and the soft buttery texture makes this a handbag essential this summer!

Nivea Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist SPF 30* RRP £16.00 - Sun protection application is both easy and pleasurable with this handy spray; with it's continuous spray action is releases fine droplets of product which offer a refreshing, cooling mist and sun protection all in one. Waterproof protection with no stickiness or white marks... what's not to love!?

Nivea Protect & Bronze Face Lotion* £8.99 - Some foundations will have an SPF in them but sometimes it's not enough, especially in the heat of the midday sun so this protection lotion is specially formulated for your face so it shouldn't be too heavy. It also contains a natural plant extract which helps the tanning process along so not only are you protected, you're also achieving a healthy glow sensibly.

Some of these Nivea products are actually on offer in Boots at the moment so grab them while you can if you fancy trying any of them! 

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