Body Care Favourites

Garnier Summer Body Light - Love this for maintaining or topping up a tan if I haven't got time to do a full fake tan; it doesn't smell like fake tan and the colour is very subtle. You can also use it as a gradual tanner without any existing tan but I prefer to just use it to top up as I can't see enough difference with this light one; when I repurchase I will definitely go for the darker one so I can use it on its own as well.

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser in Honey - I rave about these, I know I do but I can't stress how good I think they are. It takes the hassle out of daily moisturising and I honestly wouldn't be without a bottle!

Caudalie Vine Body Butter - This smells amazing; it's luxurious and it sinks into your skin effortlessly. There's nothing worse than feeling all sticky when you've applied body cream but this doesn't leave you feeling like that. I love applying this after I've shaved my legs, oooh so smoothhhh...
Nivea Q10 Firming Body Oil - In all honesty I've never really been one for body oils but with the promise of firmer skin and improved look of stretch marks I had to give this one a try. I've been using it on my stomach (where I have stretch marks and my skin has gone a bit weird and lost its elasticity) and also on my boobs (losing weight has taken its toll a bit on the girls, unfortunately). As daft as it sounds it's not a really oily oil; it actually absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling slippery or overly oily. I have noticed a difference in how supple my skin is and my stretch marks are looking more silver than red now which makes them less noticeable. I don't expect miracles because at the end of the day my skin is damaged (probably beyond full repair) but this has made my skin feel like it's regained some of its youthful feel. Full review of the Nivea Q10 range coming soon!

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