Saturday, 12 July 2014

When you love something you buy it in 3 colours

Wide Fit Sandals £7.99 New Look
Might seem extreme to some people buying the same pair of sandals in 3 different colours but I couldn't resist with these wide fit sandals from New Look. I go through a lot of shoes, I'm on my feet all day so they seem to wear pretty easily and I have wide feet so regular shoes sometimes aren't very comfy but this particular design are perfect; they're comfy, stylish and affordable... I'm so tempted to buy them in the coral colour aswell. I got all three of these pairs for a total of £23.97 which I think is an absolute steal for such a nice pair of sandals!
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  1. They are lovely sandals! I find most sandals on the hight street come up quite narrow even if the shoes are alright so I might have to check these out :)
    x Kirsty

  2. I do this as well! I have trouble with finding shoes that are comfy, the majority that I try seem to hurt me in some way, so if I find some that don't hurt me I often buy all the colours. I bought some sandals from ASOS in mint green and they're so comfy I've just bought them in pink as well and if I could afford any more (I bought the others with birthday money) I'd probably get the natural coloured ones too!

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  3. I very nearly bought this style.. but opted for a similar one as a little less cost and bought them in 2 colours, so you're not the only one! :p I love how comfy they are..
    I'm very known to buy an item in at least 2 different colours if I like it.



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