Monday, 11 August 2014

F+F Clothing Haul using Clubcard Boost + Discount Code

Boxy Shirt (£14.00), Turn Up Sleeve Shell top (£12.00), Burnout Gingham t-shirt (£12.00)

I don't think I've been this 'spendy' for a long time, especially not since I've had my blog. 3 consecutive haul type posts is completely unheard of on here but I decided that it was time to have a big throw out in my wardrobe due to losing weight and I've been working a lot just recently so I thought it was time I treat myself. 

Losing weight has meant that I have had to rediscover what suits me and what I like wearing because being big meant that I wore things to hide my body whereas now I actually want to show that I have a figure again so I want my clothes to fit accordingly. I still don't like spending a fortune on clothes though, I'd rather have 3 tops for £30 than have just the one (unless I really, really like it). 

Tesco F+F have some really nice pieces in at the moment; I think lots of people dismiss it because it's primarily a supermarket but if you don't have a quick look once in a while you could be missing out on some gorgeous clothes. I ended up with 3 tops all in bright colours (which is very unlike me, I usually stick to black, black and more black!), they're all quite a loose fit but they're surprisingly flattering. All three colours look amazing with a tan and they're really summery; great for wearing with a pair of jeans and a statement necklace.
 I used my clubcard vouchers to take advantage of their points boost scheme which is running until next month where you get double the value of your vouchers when spending them on Tesco Direct or F+F Clothing. It was my first purchase from F+F so I actually got £10 off a £40 spend which I thought was really good. So 3 tops and a pair of Disney socks (not pictured) cost me a grand total of absolutely nothing, just £15 in Clubcard vouchers!

If you've never bought from F+F online and you like the look of some bits then the discount code for £10 off £40 is FFTENOFF40 or if you don't fancy spending as much there is also one for £5 off a £25 spend SPRING2014. Delivery to your local store is also free!

Have you seen anything from Tesco Clothing recently?

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  1. I love Tesco for their Clubcard vouchers, I've done something similar a few times when buying shoes/bags etc but not had clothes totally free! x

  2. F&F surprisingly have some good clothing pieces, I have a bikini from their and I love it x

  3. Well done on losing weight, I bet clothes shopping feels amazing with that extra boost of confidence. I may need to take advantage of that 5 off 25 deal myself! x

  4. I can't wait to see you style the boxy shirt. I do love a bit of F+F. xx



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