L'Oreal Elnett Satin Heat Protection Spray

For so long I couldn't weigh up why my hair was becoming frizzy and dry, I always use conditioner and I use an intense mask regularly... it never even dawned on me that it's all the heat I use on it that could be causing the problem! When I first started using straighteners I always used heat protection no matter what and I completely forgot how it helps when you dry/straighten your hair.

I got a bottle of Elnett Satin Heat Protecting Styling Spray when I was last in Superdrug; there was no particular reason as to why I chose this over others, it just kind of caught my eye I guess. It's supposed to provide heat protection up to 230 degrees and it is said to help 'lock out' frizz and flyways... oh and keep your hair straight for 3 days *raises eyebrow*

The trigger spray makes it really easy to spray onto your hair and it doesn't make it excessively wet (no sizzling when you straighten!), it smells great and does seem to make straightening my hair a little easier. It does make my hair look less frizzy and the finished straightened look is definitely a lot more sleek than it was before I started using this. The 3 day straight thing however is completely untrue, well at least it is for my hair! I was ranting about false claims yesterday so I won't go into it today.

Overall though, I do really like this and I would repurchase it.

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