Friday, 29 August 2014

Shower Gel for Coffee Lovers

I've always been intrigued by the Anatomicals brand; their simple packaging and their play on words have always caught my eye and it doesn't surprise me that they'd do a coffee scented shower gel. Showering with something that smells of coffee does sound a bit weird but I like anything coffee; the smell, the taste... everything (I'm the kind of person who can't understand the 'challenge' in the Revel Challenge because I LOVE coffee and chocolate!), so when I was offered 'Java Lather' to review I was obviously quite excited. You might think I'm a bit daft for getting excited about a shower product but if you like coffee you seriously need to try this to understand...

Anatomicals Java Lather Body Cleanser* £3.00 available from selected pharmacies

It actually comes out a bit like jelly; it's not a runny kind of gel it's thicker and kind of wobbles around in your hand. I use it with a shower puff to get a really good lather and when you start rubbing it onto your body you can really smell the coffee. It's not like sniffing an actual cup of coffee, I actually think it smells like Roses coffee sweets (which happen to be my fave). Unlike most shower gels I've used, the smell actually lingers a on your skin after you've got dried, but it's not a bitter coffee smell it's like a sweet coffee. I actually think I'm a bit addicted to this; when I'm in the shower I'll lather up at least twice to three times because I just love the smell! 

Other Anatomicals shower gels are available from ASOS but for some weird (and annoying) reason, this Java one isn't actually available. 

Have you tried anything from Anatomicals?
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  1. I hate the taste of coffee, but I absolutely love the smell, so this would be absolutely perfect for me, I'm totally going to try it.
    Great review,

    Gems x
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