Thursday, 7 August 2014


DIOD 45cl Glass White £2.75 each
 SPRITTA Apple Slicer £1
Ikea is one of my favourite places to buy glasses and table wear; they're affordable yet great quality. I did a wishlist on Pinterest before I went into store so I had a rough idea of what I might like to get (great for satisfying your urge to shop without spending a fortune!). I didn't actually buy as much as I had in my wishlist because I realised that I actually don't have enough space in my house to fit it all in (as it is, I've had to clean out my glass cupboard to fit the new ones in!). 
I picked the DIOD glasses because I'm really into clean white things at the moment; the glass is thick enough to be sturdy but without looking big and bulky. I think this design looks really sleek and cool; at £2.75 each you can't really go wrong so I came away with 4. These also come in a smaller size but you get a decent drink in these so I thought I'd go for the bigger ones. The apple slicer was just something I saw when I was walking around the store; it's such a novel idea and since I've been eating lots of apples lately it's really handy. It cores your apple while slicing it at the same time, clever eh?! I don't even know how they can sell them for £1 each but they do and I'm not complaining.
I had my eye on some of the typical blogger things like the white cut out candle holders and the candle dish to match but on this occasion I decided not to give in to the cliche! 
Have you got anything nice from IKEA lately?
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  1. That apple slicer is sooo cool! And I LOVE the glasses, they are gorgeous!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. I love going to IKEA but as I can't drive I very rarely get to go, will have to try and convince someone to take me before I move out. I love those glasses, so simple but modern. I also love the tableware and glassware, definitely my favourite section. xx

  3. I always end up buying random things in ikea like that apple slicer, and lots of candles. Also I like going purely for the cinnamon buns mmm

  4. i love those glasses, ikea is the best for that kind of stuff.

  5. I loveeeeee ikea! I always find something to buy there! :)



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