Michael Kors Tech Wallet

I'm not actually one for splashing the cash on bags, purses or shoes. I usually see spending big money on small things as a bit of a waste, I tend to consider how many clothes I could get for the money or how many lipsticks it would pay for - you get my drift. However, when I went to Florida in May I had my eye on something from Michael Kors, I knew the prices were slightly cheaper over there than in the UK so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to actually buy a designer piece.


After much deliberation I settled on the Michael Kors Tech Wallet which not only holds money & cards but it also has a space for a phone. It's slightly smaller than the traditional zip around purse but it has a zipped compartment for coins as well as 3 card slots (doesn't sound a lot but I tend to organise my cards so my most used ones are easily accessible). Tech wallets retail for around £125 in the UK but I paid the equivalent of around £75 in the US so I made quite a good saving! I know compared to some designers Michael Kors is one of the more affordable brands but £75 is still a lot for me to spend and not feel guilty about it!
Made of saffiano leather, the three stripe design really caught my eye because it's modern but quite a classic design. Tan and white seemed like a really nice summery to the usual black accessories that I would normally choose and the gold hardware finishes it off beautifully. Trouble is, I'm now looking out for the perfect bag to match...

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