Friday, 15 August 2014

When Products Tell Lies

There are so many products out there with big claims on their packaging and I can't help but wonder how they actually get away with it? Surely some of it is false advertising? There are some products out there that have some very attractive wording on their packaging to suck us into buying it, only to be disappointed when we actually try it. 

This foundation 'Lasts for 24 Hours' - Does it really? Who on earth has tested that out and not only that why would you want it to last that long without washing your face... only in extreme circumstances I would imagine. I know they're trying to say that this foundation has staying power but for goodness sake drop the exaggeration!

This hair product 'repairs split ends' - Does it really? Well last time I heard, split ends were irreparable, once your hair is split you can't glue it back together I'm sure the only way is to cut it off. Sure you can improve the appearance of them and make your hair feel softer but 'repairing' split ends is too much of a big claim for me.

This nail polish 'lasts for upto 1 week' - Does it really? I've tried lots of these and the only nail polish to truly last any longer than around 4 days is UV cured gel. Don't get me wrong I think 4 days is a good length of time for a polish to last unchipped but I wish they wouldn't say it lasts upto 7 days when it has clearly been 'tested' on someone who never washes up or uses their hands for a whole week. 

This nail polish 'dries in 1 minute' - Does it really? I've never met a nail polish which dries in a minute, it's always just a little bit sticky and heaven forbid you go to sleep within a minute of painting your nails because you can pretty much guarantee you'll wake up with little hair lines in your once perfectly polished nails!

This treatment will make your hair 'straight for 'x' amount of days' - Does it really? If your hair was already pretty straight then maybe, but I've never met a hair product to acutally live up to these prolonged straightening expectations. I can pretty much guarantee that no matter what I put on my hair, it's going to do what the hell it likes when it sees any kind of moisture.

This cream will 'make your spots disappear' - Does it really? Ok I know maybe these magical creams don't word it like that but they might as well say something along those lines because they're marketed to make you believe that it's a miracle cure! I've had my fair share of spots and I can say that only a good diet and a proper skincare routine suited to your skin will improve the look of your complexion!

Which bold claims really get on your nerves??
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  1. And yet I get suckered in every single time haha! x

  2. Hahahaha! Loved this post. A foundation has never lasted me more than 12 hours? Maybe it would last 24 if I stayed inside, didn't eat/drink and didn't touch my face....

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. haha yeah 24 hours of laying flat on your back, face up with your eyes closed x

  3. My biggest pet peeve is on deodorants when you see 'Lasts 48 Hours'. Who wants a deodorant to last that long anyway? Lol. Unless you're at a festival or something where showers are not accessible, wearing deodorant daily surely is something most people do.
    But I totally agree with this post!
    Jade x

    1. Yep totally agree!! an unnecessary claim! x

  4. HAHA YES! I think mascaras are the worst, "lashes 35 times bigger!"

  5. 'Will help you lose weight' :( :( I wish

    Corinne x

    1. Hate products like that!! I hate the whole culture of meal replacement shakes and diet pills! X

  6. Haha I totally love this! Of course a foundation doesn't bloody last for 24 hours!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  7. some mascara adverts i see on TV these days are just ridiculous... kind of came to the motto where 'if its advertised on TV with such bold claims its probably not worth it!'


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