Tuesday, 5 August 2014


 There are certain product releases that cause blog posts to pop up left, right and centre. Usually it's the latest crayon from Clinique or the newest edition of GHDs but this time it's nothing more and nothing less than a shaving aid. Some of the bloggers who are part of the Meadowhall Bloggers hub have been lucky enough to try one of the most hyped recent releases from Lush. Who knew a group of girls could get so excited about shaving foam (or soap, in this case)??

 Lush D'fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap* £5.75 (70g)
I guess you could attribute the excitement to the fact that it's from Lush, they're reknowned for their gorgeous smelling shops and colourful baths so when they release something a little different (for them) it's usually a little different in more ways than one. Lush D'fluff shaving soap not only has a funny name but it also comes in their trademark black pot and it smells just like strawberry marshmallows
Because it's a soap rather than a foam it doesn't give the usual opaque white covering of an aerosol shaving product, it's more of a pale pink slippery layer. It's quite weird to begin with actually if you're used to foam because it actually feels a lot softer than foam and the razor seems to glide a lot easier. The only awkward thing about applying this is actually getting it out of the pot; the product is actually quite hard (even though it looks as soft as whipped cream!) so rather than applying it directly to my skin, I actually work it into my hands and then I smooth it onto my skin. I find this gives a much more even coverage of product without using too much because I find direct application makes it hard to spread it properly. 
Like most other Lush products this smells amazing, it's nicer than any other shaving product I've used and it does make shaving just that little bit more pleasurable. It can also be used as a body wash but I personally wouldn't bother using it just to wash with, it just means that when I shave I'm washing at the same time... bonus! It does seem expensive for a shaving product at £5.75 for 70g but if you apply it how I suggested (working through your hands first) a little goes a lot further than you think. I must add, don't be fooled into thinking this is just for girls, it might be pink but it is absolutely fine to use on your face if you're a bloke who's looking for a funky new shaving product!
Would I buy this? Probably not. However, if you've gone Cruelty Free with your products then this would be a great option for you if you're stuck for a nice shaving product. I can imagine this will fly off the shelves initially because it's a novelty product but I wouldn't say it's something I would be prepared to rebuy every time I ran out.
Will you be trying D'fluff?

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  1. I quite like the sound of this but I don't know whether it would be too much hassle to use every time I want to de fuzz! I might pop into lush and give it a good old sniff first haha!



  2. I don't think I'd try it, but like you said - I think it's a great alternative for those who use only cruelty free products xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

  3. Oooh sounds interesting, I'll have to take a look next time I'm in lush!


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