Sunday, 14 September 2014

Disappointing Products

I don't do posts like this very often because there aren't that many products that disappoint me enough to warrant actually calling them 'disappointing' but just recently two products have really stood out to me enough to say 'I don't like these'...

Superdrug Dead Sea Mud Mask: I've tried quite a lot of face masks and most of them do make my skin feel nice in one way or another but this just did nothing. Like literally absolutely nothing. Usually mud masks calm my skin, they reduce some of the angry redness and make it feel cool and clean. This just didn't really do a lot and it stung a bit when I put it on. It might only cost £2.59 but I still wouldn't waste my money if I were you.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin: I've heard wonderful things about this from people with oily/problem skin so naturally I was hoping for a really good coverage which stayed on for a good few hours without needing touching up. Instead I found that this slid off my face within a couple of hours and I'm blaming it for a big breakout (I know you can't say 100% what has broken you out but this was the only thing I'd used which was different and BAM I had angry red spots). I'll definitely be sticking to my No.7 foundation, I'm really disappointed that I don't like this though because I really did want it to work for me!

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  1. Great review! Thanks for your honesty :)
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