Do's and Don'ts of Fake Tanning

As we kiss goodbye to the 'summer' Vita Liberata have launched a brand new collection of fake tan products. NKD SKN is the latest luxe tanning range created with girls on the go in mind. If you don't have time to be waiting for a fake tan to dry and develop then NKD SKN is for you.  

It's all well and good finding a great new tanning product but if you aren't sure how to fake tan properly then even the best tan isn't going to work for you so here are a few do's and don'ts of fake tanning...


Exfoliate! - Although this is arguably the most important step in tanning, I also think it's one of the largely ignored steps! Exfoliation gets rid of the dry, dead skin cells which is often the cause of a patchy tan. In particular, knees and elbows should be paid attention to as these are often where patching occurs. 

Use a tanning mitt to apply - Don't use a regular glove or a sock (!) because the tan will soak through onto your hand and to be honest you might as well have just tanned with your bare hands.

Use circular motions - Another kind of obvious one but this helps to make sure that you don't go all streaky!

Go bottom to top - Make sure you tan your feet and legs first, that way you don't smudge your arms when you're trying to tan your bottom half.


Forget your fingers/hands/feet/toes - I'm guilty of forgetting to tan my fingers and hands, the tell tale tide line around your hand is one of the most common tanning mishaps. However, use sparingly and wipe your hands/feet with a slightly damp cloth following application.

Use moisturiser right before - using fragranced products like moisturiser can interfere with the DHA which is what helps your tan to develop. Make sure you moisturise once your tan has developed but don't mix the two!

Tan straight after shaving/waxing - I think hair removal is best done 24 hours before tanning as if you tan straight after waxing you'll probably end up with little brown dots where the tan has sunk into where the hair was... not a good look!

About Vita Liberata NKD SKN...

There are 3 different types of NKD SKN tan in 2 different shades; medium and dark. I've tried the Mousse version but they also do an instant wash off tan and a liquid developing tan. Even without the 45% discount the products are very affordable at just £8.50 for the Instant Wash Off Tan, the Tinted Liquid is only £10.00 and the Mousse formula is just £14.95. 

You see instant results when you first apply this so you can see exactly where you've been with the tanning mitt, it doesn't streak or patch and it dries instantly so you don't have to wait 10-15 minutes to put your clothes on which is great if you always leave tanning until the last minute. It also doesn't have that tell tale biscuit smell; it has a very slight smell but nothing offensive and nothing which would be noticeable to anyone else (literally your nose has to be on your skin to smell anything at all and usually my husband moans when I get in bed smelling like a biscuit but he never said a word). I'm quite fair skinned so medium is dark enough for me but if you're more olive skinned or you want a deeper bronzed look then I'd suggest going for dark. 

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