Wednesday, 24 September 2014

GHD Hair Tools - Worth the Splurge?

ghd straighteners have been a part of my life for a good 7 years, I'm onto my second pair (because Jason stood on my first pair, that was not a good day) and they've been going strong for 4 years so far. Everything about them just screams quality to me. They might be fairly slim in design but they are solid; after 4 years of straightening they aren't showing any signs of wear other than the ghd logo has rubbed off a little bit and they just don't look as pristine as they did. The coating on the actual plates is still in good condition and they still run smoothly down my hair. The salon length cord is also another aspect of them which I love; it makes it so easy to use them even if your mirror is a way from the plug socket. The ones I have are an older version of the IV Styler which are actually the cheapest of the designs at £89.00 but if you want to have a go with GHD straighteners these would be the place to start. They're the ones which you'll find in most salons and that speaks volumes to me!

After having a ghd Air hairdryer on my wish list for long enough I finally decided to buy one last Christmas. I had heard lots of people say how they were far superior to any other hairdryer they've used. The 2100w motor makes it a powerful drying tool and definitely makes a difference when you've got long/thick hair which usually takes ages to dry; using this has probably halved the time it takes me to dry my hair. I wouldn't say that it helps to stop it going frizzy because I don't think it does but like the straighteners, the overall design is sleek, sturdy and obviously good quality. Possibly a little on the pricey side at £89 and I daresay you could get an equally as powerful hairdryer for a fraction of the price but I'd be questioning how long it would last. 

Now onto the paddle brush. Before I continue I know that £20 is a lot for a hairbrush but you would not believe the amount of brushes I've been through because lots of them just do not stand heat styling or detangling the knots in my hair. For me, the ghd paddle brush is every bit worth the £20 I paid for it. None of the bristles have fallen out or misshapen under the heat and not one bit of the design has come at all loose. The plastic handle is totally solid whereas some cheaper ones just feel hollow and although it's solid it's not heavy or uncomfortable to hold. If you have thick, long or unruly hair then I highly recommend the paddle brush, it makes brushing so much more pleasurable. 

In answer to my initial question, yes ghd tools as a whole are worth the splurge if you can afford them. In my opinion, the straighteners especially, are far superior to any others I've used. When the sad day comes that I have to replace them I would be tempted to go for the new Eclipse styler which is more expensive but it looks amazing. The fact that I've spent a small fortune of my own money on these products is testament to how wonderful I think they are.

Do you own any ghd tools?

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  1. I have three pairs of GHDs, one being my very first pair that I got when they first came out and they are still going strong... Even though they are the whopping super size ones! The others I have are a slimmer version that I use most days and then a pair that I use on my clients and after having them both around 5 years they are still going strong too. I also have the paddle brush and I have to say I love it, for someone with seriously curly hair like myself it really does help in a smoothing blowdry and taking half the time out of my straightening xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

  2. I have to have the brushes i want to get the round brushes ive heard so much good about them i dont even care if they are £20 haha

    1. Well worth the money, trust me! I bet this one I've got lasts ages, i've had it almost a year already and it doesn't look over a day old x

  3. Love your blog, just followed you! Would love if you checked out mine sometime xx

  4. I really don't think I can justify paying much on hair care tools, but I know I should really. Their straighteners are very worth the price though!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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