Origins Clear Improvement Mask Review

Origins has been a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a long time but i’ve just never made that final push to commit to anything full size. My skin is pretty sensitive and I try and stick to what I know when it comes to skincare just in case it breaks me out so to be buying full sized skincare products willy-nilly would be a bit daft because I could guarantee that at least 50% of them probably wouldn’t agree with my skin. 

Origins face masks have always intrigued me; I’ve seen lots of rave reviews about Drink Up Intensive and Clear Improvement but I’ve never made the £23 commitment to a full size tube. So when I realised that they actually do a travel sized set of Clear Improvement masks I had to get a pack!


Origins Clear Improvement Mask to Go £8.00 Origins

Origins Clear Improvement is formulated with active charcoal to help draw out the dirt clogging your pores, to reveal a brighter complexion. Inside the box there are 4 little one use pods of Clear Improvement mask which makes them perfect for popping in your travel bag or for just trying them. The fact that they’re in pods rather than sachets makes them SO much easier to apply, I really dislike how sachets are so messy… when your hands are wet and you’re trying to open them… they’re just not great! 

Anyway, how does this work? 

Well I think the important thing with any product is to go in with an open mind and not to expect miracles; that way you won't get disappointed as easily. When I first applied this I was having problems with my skin, I'd used something which had made it go a little crazy in the spot department and I had lots of blemishes around my chin and mouth area (not attractive). I've now used this twice and I do feel like it's made a difference to my skin; it hasn't performed miracles and my spots didn't just disappear as soon as I washed the mask off but it has definitely helped to calm my skin. I don't have anywhere near as much angry redness going on, the spots have dried out and I don't have any active blemishes anymore
Overall I'd say that this is great if your skin is feeling red, angry and distressed, having said that, I still don't think I'd buy a full sized tube of it but I would definitely recommend the travel pods if you've been wanting to try it. I really want to try the Origins Out of Trouble mask but unfortunately they don't do the little travel pods in that one.

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