Why You Should Splurge on a Designer Bag

There are some things in life that we buy when we don't really need them but we convince ourselves that having said item will make us happy - it's just the materialistic beast inside creeping out. A Michael Kors bag has been on my wish list for a long time and after a long summer I decided now was the time to treat myself for all the hours I'd put in at work (we all make excuses for these purchases, don't we?!). 



Michael Kors Jet Set Double Zip Tote Bag £310.00 House of Fraser

I went into House of Fraser in Meadowhall with a structured bag in mind and an eye for something which I could fit everything I needed in. When I saw this Jet Set Double Zip Tote Bag I fell in love with it straight away. The Saffiano leather, gold hardware and 3 compartments made it perfect for what I was looking for. I did consider the bucket style bags with just one compartment but I think the zips really add style to this bag and make it something a little bit special. 

Of course, a bag like this isn't something I can afford to buy every month or even every year but I'm hoping that this will be on my shoulder for a good number of years because it's a classic, timeless design.

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