Maybelline Forever Strong Lunar Grey

I've had a busy weekend at work this weekend with a wedding on Saturday so I realised that orange nail polish probably wasn't the most appropriate shade when I was dressing smart so I picked out another shade of Maybelline Forever Strong in 'Lunar Grey'...
Maybelline Forever Strong 99p Fragrance Direct
When I bought it on the website I actually didn't realise that it had shimmer in it and to be honest when I first looked at the bottle I thought 'oh dear it's sparkly silver' but I was pleasantly surprised when I actually applied it; it's like a muted, conservative silver shade. It made my nails look tidy and presentable for work without being in your face and out of place.
The formula is exactly like the 'Orange Couture' shade I used the other day; it's fine and for 99p and I'm not about to complain too much but what I forgot to say in the other post was that it takes an age to dry, when you think it's done you'll get a smudge so I think the only way to keep this looking perfect is to top coat it straight away with something which you know dries quickly. Also it doesn't last 7 days... I get 3 at the most and on my index finger I didn't even get that but like I've said before I can look beyond that, especially when I like the shade.
Do you have a favourite shade of Maybelline polish?

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