Luxury Bath and Body - Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oils

Having a bath is my favourite way to relax after a stressful/tiring day and there's some bath times when plain old bubble bath won't cut it in terms of relaxation; that's when I turn to bath oils. Although you don't get the bubble factor, you get the most amazing smell which fills the room with essential oils and really helps to destress your mind and relax your muscles. My go to brand for bath oils is Aromatherapy Associates; I already have a full sized bottle of De-Stress Mind Bath and Shower Oil which I absolutely love but if you are looking to try Aromatherapy Associates or you'd like something to use when travelling then this little set is definitely for you...

Aromatherapy Associates 10 Oil Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection* £35.00 
This set has all you need to dip your toes into the world of bath/shower oils and Aromatherapy Associates; with 10 different fragrances to choose from there must be something for every bath 'occasion' whether your legs are aching from a day on your feet or you need something to clear your head after a long day at work these little vials hold the key to your relaxation.
Each 3ml bottle is enough for one bath or shower; to use in a bath you run hot water into the tub and pour the whole thing in when your bath is full and for the shower you apply the full bottle to your body before getting into the shower so you can breathe in all the aromatherapy goodness as you wash. I personally prefer to use most of these in the bath because I find I relax more but the Revive Morning one is perfect for the shower because it's a really invigorating fragrance. 
If you're looking for some products to give you an excuse for some me time then this is perfect, it would also be an ideal gift for anyone who loves a good bath but is bored with plain old bubbles. Buying a full sized bottle of something without trying all the options available to you is quite a commitment so this would definitely help you work out which is your favourite! 

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