Wednesday, 1 October 2014


The worst part about reading blogs is seeing products that I want but simply can't afford... talk about dangling a carrot! I know that lots of you are in the exact same position as me so today I'm bringing you something which you should be able to go buy without any guilt or real damage to your bank account, I like to call it a 'small change' purchase; one which you could probably buy with the money you find lying around your house/car/old coats and bags...

Powder Brush £4 Wilko

Wilkinsons (or 'Wilko') isn't a place you'd expect to find some decent beauty tools/products but since the recent launch of Essence and Wilko's very own tool line, things are looking up for the high street chain. It looks like they might have taken a little bit of design inspiration from another high street makeup brand launched by two very popular makeup artist turned Youtubers with the sleek black handle and bronze colour block handle and the quality of the brush is certainly one of the best I've ever seen, especially for the money. 

As you can see the brush is very dense, with hues of red running through the black bristles creating a kind of ombre effect. It is so incredibly soft, like so soft I could just sit and stroke it (at the risk of looking a little bit weird). The large surface area means that you get plenty of product on and it makes powder application an absolute doddle; I've only used this with a pressed powder but you could use it with a loose powder and I would imagine the results are just as good. I compared this to the Real Techniques powder brush and I do think the handle is slightly more ergonomic than this one but the bristles on the Wilko brush are much softer.

So what I'm basically trying to say is that you need to get yourself to a Wilko's store or have a look on their website. Even if you don't need a brush, you need to see how soft these are!
Have you seen Wilko brushes yet?

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  1. I love, love, love the idea of a 'small change' purchase, as quite frankly, I can't justify so many purchases at times! Guess I'm not the only one! ;) I will definitely take a look at the range online, cos that brush actually looks like it's pretty good quality! xx

  2. 'Small change is a brilliant idea'. I bought the Wilko Stippler brush and I have to agree for the money they are brilliant - they might not last forever but for £4.00 I'm happy with a couple of years. Definitely want to try out more from this range.


  3. I bought the small angled brush not too long ago and it is perfect for filling my eyebrows! I wanted the powder brush too but it was out of stock when I was in. Hopefully I'll see it next time!

    Holly x
    holly la beau

  4. I spotted these a few weeks back and managed to grab the lip brush to give that one a try (I've never actually used a lip brush before!) but the majority of the time they're all sold out so they must be popular and great quality for the price. I check regularly as there's a Wilkos about 3 minutes walk from my boyfriend's house but I think I've only seen one of these in stock once. I'm not sure why I didn't buy it actually! Maybe because I travel a lot and I know it won't fit in my brush bag x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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