Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Gift Idea #2 - Let's get personal + Discount code

If you’re looking for something a little bit different for someone this year then a personalised gift would be the perfect kind of present! Among lots of other Christmas gift ideas, Toxic Fox have a brilliant selection of personalised gifts for everyone and I have a couple of ideas to share with you today and there's a little discount code at the bottom of the post if something catches your eye...

Clairabella Bags were made famous a couple of years ago by the stars of TOWIE and other celebrities and they remain as popular as ever. There are lots of Claireabella products which can be personalised but the large jute bags are probably the most well known. You can have your name or nickname on the side of the bag along with a character of your choice… using the simple to use customisation process you can choose the eye colour, hair colour and style, outfit and skin colour of your character which will be hand painted making every single bag totally unique in their own way. 

You could use this bag for so many things whether it's school, university or work, on the beach or days out shopping and there's no mistaking it's yours because it's personalised with your name on it! It's big enough to fit everything in it at 40cm wide and it's comfortable to hold either in your hand or on your arm with the rounded handles. It's cute, functional and personalised... what more could you want in a present? Don't forget to order as soon as possible when it comes to personalised gifts because they do take a little longer than regular gifts to be despatched. 

If you're looking for something which could literally be for anyone; male or female, young or old then a Typography of Love Frame would be a great idea. Basically you choose 9 words associated with that person or family which are then arranged in a shape to create a framed print which represents the recipient perfectly! I chose to use our family name and then added 9 words which are special to us and I think it looks fab on our living room wall. So if there's someone who you find really difficult to buy for then I reckon they'd really appreciate something like this; again it's totally unique and they definitely won't have one exactly like you buy them!

Even if these don't tickle your fancy, Toxic Fox have so much more to offer whether it's personalised gifts or novelty stocking fillers. They've made it so simple with their Christmas Gift Finder is there to help you find something perfect for anyone and it's so easy to use; you just say who it's for, what kinds of things they love and what your budget is and it'll bring up suggestions for you!

And to make your Christmas spending money go a little further, I have a 10% off discount code for the Toxic Fox website: just enter TFBlog at the checkout!

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion

Berry and red lips have to be my all time favourite lip colours, I'm confident enough to carry them off now so I'm being much more adventurous with my lip shades. I've had all different kinds of lip products from matte to gloss and stains to paints; stains can be a little more difficult to wear as they have a habit of sinking into dry lips but I was hoping that this 'moisture' stain was going to overcome that problem...

As you can see it has a doe foot applicator, which I actually quite like when it comes to gloss products but I found that this made application really difficult. I think stain requires a level of precision and the angled doe foot just made it a bit messy and hard to get an even coverage without blending out (which obviously stained my finger... not ideal).

As you can see on the first swatch, the product has kind of collected in a line on both my top and bottom lip which could only be sorted out by me blending it out with my finger. The bottom swatch is obviously a much nicer, even colour but I really resented having a stained finger. Parisian Passion is a wearable berry colour and it's about as moisturising as you're going to get a stain but it's not perfect by any means.

tl;dr: Not something I would buy another shade of and I wouldn't rush to recommend it but it will be staying in my stash because I do like the shade.

What are your favourite lip stains?

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Current Haircare - Shampoo/Conditioner

Dealing with hair that's greasy at the roots and dry at the ends has become a bit of a pain in the neck to be quite honest; finding shampoo/conditioner to sort out both problems has proved quite difficult! I know Lee Stafford do one for 'oily roots, dry ends' but I'm sorry, I'm not prepared to spend £8.99 each just yet... However, Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime is usually £4.99 a bottle but it's on offer at £2.49 at the moment so I thought I'd give it a go. Sucker for a bargain, I know.

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair £2.49 (usually £4.99 each)

Developed by Claudia Schiffer, the Omega repair shampoo and conditioner contains rich omega oil to repair damaged hair cells and prevent split ends by up to 90% (oop, there we go again with the big claims). Omega Repair is supposed to be most suitable for damaged, depleted hair; words which I would usually avoid when it comes to choosing shampoo and conditioner because it usually means they're quite heavy which can weigh down my hair but I'm so desperate to make my hair look less like straw I'm willing to put up with a certain degree of product weight...

The first thing I noticed about these were the smell, they smell luxurious. You know that kind of 'salon fresh' smell, well this is what this shampoo and conditioner leaves on your hair which I absolutely love! Both products are nice and thick so you don't need to use loads to get the results and I find that even just after the shampoo my hair feels really soft; some shampoos can clarify a little too much and make my hair feel really dry and strawy even though it's wet... if that makes sense? But it's clear that these products contain oils because after shampooing/conditioning my hair feels really soft and manageable. 

One thing I will say about these is although I love the feeling of my hair being soft, you have to be really careful that you wash out ALL the product because I've got out of the shower a couple of times now and realised that my hair still has conditioner in it even though I think I've rinsed thoroughly (I've even got half way through drying my hair and discovered it still had conditioner in it... that was annoying). But if you use the conditioner sparingly and rinse thoroughly you shouldn't have this problem. 

I've found that my hair is far more manageable than it's been for a long time and even though it hasn't sorted out my oily roots (not that I expected it to) and it hasn't worked miracles on my hair I would definitely recommend this to anyone with normal to thick dry hair. I wouldn't say it's suitable for anyone with thin hair because I do think it'd weigh it down far too much but if you're looking for something to soften up your hair, this could be for you!

While it's on offer I think I'm going to try the Crystal Shine range for when I've finished these two bottles as that sounds quite good as well. Saying that, I still don't think I'd pay £4.99, I still think that's a bit steep for a high street shampoo but while it's on offer at £2.49 you can't go wrong really.

What's your fave shampoo/conditioner at the moment?

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