5 Easy Healthy Food Swaps

It's no secret that I live a lot healthier lifestyle than I did a couple of years ago; don't get me wrong I love a good burger as much as the next person but my eating habits have changed for the better in general which I believe has contributed quite significantly to my 6 stone weight loss.

Sugar for sweetener
I used to be a 2 sugars in my tea/coffee kinda girl but now I always have sweeteners on hand both in tablet form and in a jar. I use it in place of sugar wherever possible because it's Syn free on the Slimming World plan.

Oil for Fry Light
Instead of using a glug of olive oil to stop stuff sticking to your pan, give it a couple of sprays of Fry Light which is just 1 calorie per spray and doesn't make any difference to the taste of the food (in fact I think it's great because there's no left over oil at all).

Whole milk for semi skimmed/skimmed or almond milk
I've just recently bought a carton of almond milk just to try it and I find it surprisingly nice! I think it would be great on cereal or used to make porridge with; I can't speak for what it's like in a cuppa but I'll be trying that one day too. If you're not keen on the almond milk idea then skimmed/semi skimmed contains a lot less fat than whole milk and to be honest I can't stand whole milk in tea and coffee so I never have it in the house.

White bread for wholemeal bread
A bit of a no brainer really, they say that white foods are very hard for the body to cope with and I'd say that 90% of people I speak to say that white bread especially leaves them feeling bloated. I'm a massive lover of crusty bread slathered in butter but having it too often wouldn't be overly good on the old waistline! I now very rarely buy any white bread unless it's a special occasion, for example I allowed myself a bacon sarnie on white bread on Christmas Day morning. I used to say I hated brown bread but now I actually think it's really tasty and after 18 months of not eating white bread very often I can't say I really miss it!

Sugary drinks to sugar free drinks
It makes sense to switch from regular Coke to Diet Coke; I made the switch 18 months ago after being an avid fan of the sugary fizzy stuff after insisting that I 'didn't like' Diet Coke (the reality was, I just preferred normal Coke) now I enjoy the taste of Diet Coke and wouldn't dream of buying the sugary version. The same applies to any other drinks you drink; check the cordial you pick up off the shelf and the flavoured water you think you're drinking to be good. Some of that Volvic flavoured stuff contains more sugar than you'd think!

These little changes can seem like quite a big change in terms of taste when you first make the switch but trust me, stick with it and after a while you won't dream of going back to the other stuff because it'll just feel 'wrong'. I feel much better in myself for making these changes and not just in terms of weight loss; my skin looks much better with fewer outbreaks and my stomach never really feels bloated at all. 

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