The Best Jeans on the High Street

After spending the best part of 5 years wearing leggings and other elasticated 'bottom wear', actually enjoying wearing jeans is still a novelty for me. Since losing weight I very rarely wear anything elasticated simply because I don't need to anymore! I'm slowly working my way through various high street shops deciding which jeans I prefer; I've already decided that my favourite fit is mid rise skinny/slim and mid wash is probably my preferred colour (but I'm still open to changing my mind on that one). 



When I joined Slimming World my ultimate non-scale goal was to be able to get into a pair of size 12 Levi's jeans so before Christmas Jason took me to the Levi's store in Meadowhall and treat me to a pair of Demi Curve slim fit jeans. At £85 they are very pricey compared to what I'm used to paying but everything about them just screams quality; the fit, the denim and the feel of them is totally different to any pair of jeans I've owned before... I think I might do a full post about my Levi's because there's so much more to be said about them!

Next was the first shop I bought a pair of size 12s from and I have to admit that since that day I've fallen out of love with Next jeans a little bit; they used to be my absolute favourite but I dunno, they just didn't seem to be as comfortable as they used to be. 

New Look is probably my go-to shop for jeans at the moment because although they're not what you'd call top quality, they are functional, affordable and come in lots of different styles and colours. My favourite styles are skinny and super skinny; super skinny tend to be more stretchy and therefore a tighter fit whereas skinny have a little bit of stretch but they aren't as tight fitting, especially on the waist. At the moment I have three pairs from here; some black skinnies, some blue supersoft super skinny jeans and a pair of dark acid wash skinny ones; most New Look jeans come in at between £20-£25 which isn't bad at all I don't think.

A new addition to my jeans collection this Christmas was a pair from Dorothy Perkins; initially I had some jeggings but they were a short leg (I need a regular) and when I went to exchange them I found I actually preferred the 'Bailey' super skinny jeans. They're still not my favourite pair because I find them quite difficult to get over my calves (which, despite my weight loss, are still bigger than your average!) but on the whole the colour is nice and they fit perfectly on my waist. 

Finally, I added a pair of Zara jeans to my collection the other day when I was shopping in York... I still took a pair of size 14s as well as the 12s into the changing room with me because I think I still find it hard to believe that I'm actually a 12 (and I was unsure if they'd be small fitting). These ones have a bit of rip detailing on them and they were only £17.99 (down from £35.99) so I couldn't exactly say no could I?! All in the name of research and all that...

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