Perfume That Smells Like Holiday

There are certain scents that trigger memories in my mind and coconut is always one which conjures up thoughts of being somewhere hot on a beach. I absolutely love the smell of anything coconutty so when I was scent a bottle of 'Fresh Coconut' from The Library of Fragrance I couldn't wait to see what it was like... 


If you haven't already heard of The Library of Fragrance, they're a newly launched company who have created a 'library' of 101 different fragrances which are mainly based on every day things which we sometimes wouldn't even think of making into a perfume; like Apple Pie, Lemon Meringue and Ginger Bread. I actually really love the idea and there are some really intriguing fragrances (as well as some which make me go a bit weird, like Play Doh and Pizza!). Boots stock a smaller (but still quite extensive) selection of the most popular fragrances which happens to include Fresh Coconut*, the one I'm talking about today.

The best thing about blogging about this fragrance in particular is that I don't have to bother about 'top notes' and 'base notes' and all that complicated stuff that I can never get my head around when i'm trying to describe a perfume because if you smell from the bottle this just smells exactly like Malibu (as in the drink). In fact I wouldn't even need to compare it to Malibu because this just smells exactly like you would expect; of coconut! The scent is much less powerful once it's settled onto your skin and it becomes a much more subtle coconut fragrance. 

The beauty about The Library of Fragrance is that you don't have to wear them alone, you could buy a couple and team them together to create a completely unique fragrance for yourself. So you could maybe pair up Caramel and Salt Air to create something like a 'Salted Caramel' type fragrance? They're not expensive either at £15.00 for a 30ml bottle so if you were to buy two you're probably still spending less than what you would on your regular perfume but you're getting 60ml of product and essentially 3 different scents! Boots actually have a 2 for £25 deal on the ones they stock at the moment, you can find their range here.

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