Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My New Blog Design & Why I Rebranded

With it being a new year and all that I thought it was time to do something that I've been wanting to do for absolutely ages but haven't had the courage to do. I've spent the best part of about 18 months absolutely hating my previous blog name (The Beauty Butterfly) because I just felt it didn't represent me at all and I absolutely hated saying it (as in if anyone asked the name of my blog I just hated having to say 'Beauty Butterfly). To me, it sounds flouncy and cute and conjours up something/someone that couldn't be further away from my personality so I decided that it was finally time for a change because I couldn't carry on as The Beauty Butterfly any longer.

Some of you will think I'm a bit crackers for changing my domain name after spending the best part of 4 years building up a readership and getting my name out there but the truth is none of that mattered because I was blogging under a kind of false persona. I felt like Beauty Butterfly restricted me to writing just about beauty and posts about anything else looked a bit out of place; I want to be able to write about whatever takes my fancy and Girl Up North lets me do just that.

I struggled a bit to begin with because I had to decide whether I wanted to stay with blogger or take the plunge and go self hosted with Wordpress. After much deliberation and advice from other bloggers I decided to stay within my comfort zone and continue on Blogger. I'm pretty sure that lots of people have never looked back once they've migrated to Wordpress but from the negative things I heard on twitter about it being really difficult to get used to and never regaining a readership I just couldn't take that risk. So here I am still plodding along in my comfort zone with Blogger.

Obviously a new blog design came hand in hand with a brand new domain because I was essentially 'rebranding' myself. I bought a premade Blogger template from Pipdig and a wonderful guy called Phil helped me through every step and was there if I needed any questions. He installed the new template for me, which although I would imagine is quite a simple thing to do, it took a huge weight off my shoulders and he also helped me with my new domain for which I am eternally grateful for because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Pipdig also offer custom blog designs which you can get a quote for by just sending them a quick message through their contact us page. I honestly can't recommend their services enough and if I ever hear anyone asking where should they go for a blog design I would always say Pipdig!

So anyway, here we go with a brand new start for me. I feel totally refreshed and actually interested in my blog again because I feel free from restraint. What you can expect from Girl Up North is honest, real and full of personality which is everything I personally look for in a  blog so I'm hoping you all like the same! The moral of this little story if you're ever thinking of starting a blog, is to make sure you're 100% sure about your blog name before you name it!

Have you ever changed blog names?

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